This page gives an overview of all events Jakajima has organised since it started.

It is divided in technologies and / or application fields. The majority is technology related, but always with applications in mind, since technology is the basis of it, but the user (being a professional or consumer) has the final say.

This overview shows the enormous broad spectrum of knowledge within Jakajima built up over the years.

Enabling Technologies events

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing


Chemical Recycling

Green Energy (Hydrogen related)

Application Fields events


Health Care



  • Automotive 3D Printing Conference
  • Automotive Photonics Conference
  • European Navigation Event (Conference + first ever annual GPS navigation rally)

Telecom- and Data Communication

  • LiFi Conference
  • Internet of Things Event
  • Future of Communication conference
  • Intelligent Sensor Networks conference


Consequences of technology on society

  • Internet of People Event


  • Converging Media Conference
  • E-Reading & Tablet Event
  • Experience Design Event