This page gives an overview of all events initiated and owned by Jakajima.

It is divided in technologies and application fields. The majority is technology related, but always with applications in mind, since technology is the basis of it, but the user (being a professional or consumer) has the final say.

This overview shows the enormous broad spectrum of knowledge within Jakajima built up over the years.

Enabling Technologies events

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing / Smart manufacturing


Chemical Recycling

Green Energy (Hydrogen related)

Application Fields events


Health Care



  • Automotive 3D Printing Conference
  • Automotive Photonics Conference
  • European Navigation Event (Conference + first ever annual GPS navigation rally)

Telecom- and Data Communication

  • LiFi Conference
  • Internet of Things Event
  • Future of Communication conference
  • Intelligent Sensor Networks conference


Consequences of technology on society

  • Internet of People Event


  • Converging Media Conference
  • E-Reading & Tablet Event
  • Experience Design Event