Do you want to develop innovative products and services with a big impact in your market, but don’t know where to start?

In today’s fast-moving and changing world, innovation is the key to success. However, developing real-life innovative products and services can be challenging when you lack the necessary network, knowledge or organisation.

That’s where Jakajima, matchmaker for innovators, comes in!

We support you in finding the right partners to boost your innovation activities!

We provide a management consulting / interim management service that bridges the gap between the key technology organisation and the company active in an ecosystem. We are your matchmaker for innovation!

Our long history in this field and our experience in new business development, partner search, desk research, field research, workshops, events, conferences, hackathons, and custom made events enable us to help you make the next step towards realizing your innovative products and services. With our expertise and experience, we can help you understand each other’s language, control the sense of urgency, navigate through regulation and IP, and

We offer a a platform that serves as a bridge between key technology organisations and companies from different ecosystems, and which offers management consulting and interim management services to help your organisation achieve your goal.

For more information contact Pieter Hermans.

Business / Technology Consulting
We provide Management Consulting and Interim Management services that can help you develop new innovation strategies / partnerships etc. resulting in innovative products and services with a big impact in your market. Click here for more information.

Which ecosystems are covered by us
Agriculture & Food
Consumer Electronics & Lighting
Telecom / Datacom
Health Care
Internet of Things
Autonomous Systems
Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Which key technologies are covered by us
Advanced Materials
Photonics and Optical Technologies
Quantum Technologies
Digital and Information Technologies
Chemical Technologies
Life Science and Biotechnologies
Engineering and Smart Fabrication

A significant milestone

This year marks a significant milestone as Media52 and Jakajima, matchmaker for innovators join forces for the first time to organize events. Since June 1st 2024, all event activities have been transferred to Media52. Media52 will integrate Jakajima’s conferences into its event unit, renowned for the Gerard & Anton community. For its sister company, Innovation Origins (IO), an innovation and tech platform, this collaboration presents an opportunity to delve deeper into high-tech topics related to the events.

Calendar 2024 / 2025

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17-19 June 2024
25th edition
European Conference on Integrated Photonics
The conference focuses on leading edge research on integrated optics, optoelectronics and nano-photonics and gathers experts from academia and industry to show their latest technical results, and showcase their products and services. Read More
3 December 2024
Agrifood Innovation Event
Where Agrifood meets Innovation! This event consists of several Agrifood Innovation events like 3D Food printing, Protein Transition, Smart Farming and Vertical Farming which take place at the same date and same location. Read more
30 -31 January 2025

3D Medical Conference
The actual status of 3D Printing (and beyond) in healthcare! The 3D Medical Conference contains the following healthcare related sessions; 3D Bioprinting, 3D Dental Printing, 3D Medtech Printing, 3D Pharma Printing, Beyond 3D Printing and Bioelectronics. Read more
May 2025
lifi conference
Li-Fi Conference
Li-Fi is a wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data and position between devices. In terms of its end use, the technology is similar to Wi-Fi but uses light to transmit data instead of radio frequency. Read more
June 2025
optical wireles communication conferenceOptical Wireless Communication Conference
This academic edition of the Optical Wireless Communication Conference focusses on the role optical wireless communication can play to address some of the key challenges of 6G. Read more
September 2025
Point of Care Ultrasound Conference
Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) refers to portable ultrasound systems that allow quick and accurate diagnoses of medical conditions or therapeutic image guided interventions at the bedside. Read more