If you are a key technology-focused organisation struggling to link your research to real-life applications, or a company looking to innovate but lacking the necessary network or knowledge, Jakajima is here to help. We provide Management Consulting and Interim Management services that can help you develop new innovation strategies / partnerships etc. resulting in innovative products and services with a big impact in your market.

Management Consulting
In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, innovation is essential for success. However, realizing real-life innovative products and services can be challenging, especially when you lack the required network or knowledge. Jakajima’s Management Consulting services are designed to assist organisations in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, devising strategies, defining right technologies and partnerships to realise the required innovation, and supporting the transition taking place due to the innovation implementation. This service is typically a short-term engagement that concentrates on identifying problems and proposing solutions.

Interim Management
On the other hand, Interim Management is a service that provides an experienced executive to lead an innovation organisation or manage an innovation project. This service helps organisations to fill gaps in their management team or to provide leadership during a transition period. An Interim Manager is typically an experienced executive who has a proven track record of success and can quickly integrate into the organisation and deliver results. Interim Management is usually a longer-term engagement that focuses on implementing solutions and driving change.

By offering both Management Consulting and Interim Management services, Jakajima provides a comprehensive solution to our clients and helps them achieve success in their respective fields. So, if you want to develop innovative products and services with a big impact in your market, Jakajima is the right partner for you.

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