30-31 January 2025
12th edition

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The actual status of 3D Printing (and beyond) in healthcare!

The 3D Medical Conference contains the following healthcare related sessions in the conference programme and at the exhibit. Click on a logo to get more information about each session.

The Future of newly built organs
Disrupting the traditional workflow
From medical implants to medical devices
The roadmap for 3D Pharma Printing towards clinical applications
Using 3D models for other applications like 4D Printing, AR/VR or others
The next wave of device therapeutics

Speakers from internationally renowned organisations / institutes / companies will give you an actual status of 3D Printing (and beyond) in healthcare in several sessions.

The audience, a mix of academics, medical professionals, business and technology professionals, regulators and creatives, will get an excellent overview and insight in the medical developments both clinically, technically and academically.

This conference (since 2014) is the opportunity for you to learn, to meet your peers, to exchange ideas, to gain knowledge, to create new business opportunities and most importantly to create a better future for your patients!

Who should attend?
Medical professionals | Radiologists | Cardiologists | Oncologists | Orthopedists | Neurologists | Surgeons | Nurses | Bioengineers | Biomedical Engineers | Medical Scientists | Clinical Data Scientists | Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and Biotech professionals | Regulators | Compliance Officers | Pharmacists | Laboratory staff | Consultants | Contractors / Subcontractors | 3D Printing companies | Material suppliers | Quality Assurance | Quality Control | Medical Engineers | Medical AR / VR Designers | 4D Printing professionals | (3D) Printing professionals | Healthcare Innovators | Hospital managers | Electronic Engineers

This 3D Medical conference is initiated and organised by Jakajima.

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