3 December 2024
10th edition

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Embracing the power of interdisciplinarity in Agrifood

The 2024 Agrifood Innovation Event covers the 3D Food Printing Conference and Vertical Farming Conference in two parallel sessions at one location during one day.

In today’s ever-evolving world of Agriculture and Food, professionals are facing a myriad of groundbreaking innovations within their industries. By delving into the realms of 3D Food Printing and Vertical Farming we can explore the exciting possibilities that emerge when these topics converge. This multidisciplinary approach not only fosters mutual understanding but also paves the way for valuable collaborations across diverse value chains.

Collaboration Across Value Chains
The true power lies in collaboration between the various value chains associated with these innovative fields. When professionals from different sectors come together, they unleash a wealth of synergistic opportunities. Shared expertise and resources facilitate the development of integrated systems that revolutionize the entire Agriculture and Food ecosystem.

Beyond 3D Food Printing
Welcome to ‘Beyond 3D Food Printing’ where we explore innovations that surpass the traditional scope of 3D Food printing. Read more..

Vertical Farming
Welcome to ‘Vertical Farming’, where we explore cutting-edge techniques and technologies transforming (urban) food production. Read more..

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, connect, and collaborate with experts from academia and industry. Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibit where companies will showcase their products and services.


This event provides in-depth knowledge / vision for the future / do’s and don’ts from industry experts. Professonals attend this event to exchange ideas. learn new things, and ask questions.


This event provides participants access to professionals / companies / researchers / start ups with experience in this innovative industry.


Jakajima, organiser of this event, is matchmaker for Innovators and is focused on bringing together the traditional and new value chains in the Agrifood Industry in order to stimulate innovation..

Who will attend
Food scientists | Food manufacturing Industry | Bio-Industry | Farmers, Growers | Operators | Investors | Suppliers | Food retail | Food designers | Agricultural industry | Urban planners | Architects | Technology suppliers (corporate, start-up) | System integrators | Governmental bodies (Local, Regional, National) | Project developers | Finance / Consulting | Food Logistics | Health Care professionals | Hospitality & Catering Industry | Foodpreneurs | Certification & Food Safety Institutions | Public Health Organisations | Research institutes | Universities | NGOs |

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