New mobility concepts and the impact on the material value chain!

The conference program is crafted to highlight real-world initiatives, projects and technologies on materials related to the following topics in mobility:

  • Electrification
  • Digitalization
  • Autonomous systems
  • New mobility concepts

These topics will fundamentally change the way we think about mobility as a whole, and will have a major impact on the various value-chains. As a consequence it will create a significant shift in use of materials, which will have an impact on material development, like:

  • Lightweighting
  • Ability to embed electronics, lighting and sensing devices
  • Durability / Cleanability of materials and coatings
  • Noise reduction, thermal management, vibration management
  • Sustainability (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • Recyclability
  • Production technologies like Additive Manufacturing and hybrid technologies

Most fundamentally, succeeding in the emerging mobility landscape will likely require materials companies to dramatically re-evaluate how they do business. Instead of the traditional approach of developing a new material, companies have to collaborate across the value chain, from design to full-scale production with a multidisciplinar team. Approaches could vary from formal partnerships to joint ventures to participation in cross-industry mobility-focused consortia.

During the Materials for Future Mobility Conference the (inter)national speakers will present their view and experience on material innovations related to the fast changing mobility industry.

Who should attend:

  • R&D / Innovation / Sustainability and General management of
    • Design companies / agencies
    • Aerospace industry
    • Engineering companies
    • Car manufacturers
    • Suppliers to the Automotive Industry
    • Suppliers to the Aerospace Industry
    • Fleet owners
    • Producers of Performance Materials
    • Producers of additives, fillers and reinforcement fibers
  • Governmental bodies
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Investors
  • Start-Ups
  • Students Engineering / Design

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Previous Editions


Stefan Caba, Manager Competence Center Sustainable Vehicle Development, edag, on 'The 3 Rs of sustainability – applications to the automotive industry'
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Rajesh Mehta, Senior Consultant, TNO, on 'Design for Sustainability (D4S) and Design for Circularity (D4C) for the automotive industry using state-of-the art sustainability assessment tool'
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Jennifer Chapman, Composites Strategy and Innovation Manager, Arrival, on 'Sustainability through Material Innovation'
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Ilya Popov, Research Engineer, Ford Motor Company, on 'ALMA: Advanced Light Materials and processes for the eco-design of electric vehicles'
Frank Huijs, Sr Technology Manager, Automotive Trim, Global Technology Automotive, SABIC, on 'Circular Thermoplastic Solutions for Sustainable Mobility'
Rutger van Poppel,
Project Manager, Battery Competence Center, on 'Dutch Battery Ecosystem and National Strategy'
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Ger Vroomen, Strategic Automotive Marketing Director, Teknor Apex Company, on 'TPV based coolant hoses for Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (PEHV) and Battery Electrical Vehicles (BEV)'
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Alexis Maurel, Postdoctoral Researcher - Fulbright France Scholar / The University of Texas, on "33D Printing as a New Tool for Structural Batteries"
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Luc van Neer, CEO, FAST Automotive Group, on 'The emergence of a new business model for automotive innovations'
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Paul Habets, Director Marketing & Sales, Fibrant, on 'Polyamide production and precursor choices driving sustainability performance'
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Bert Havenith, Strategic and Market Intelligence Director / Sustainability Director, DSM, on 'Main Sustainability Trends in Mobility from a High Performance Plastics point of view
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Niels van der Aar, Strategy Projects Manager, ARLANXEO, on 'Sustainable elastomer solutions for future mobility'
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Paul van den Heuvel, Business Manager Performance Materials & Performance Enhancers, Polyscope Polymers, on 'Transitioning to a new business model for Innovation in Automotive: How a material supplier leads the way'
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Thijs Romans, Senior (Lead) Engineer, VIRO, on 'Advancements in analysis methods for composite automotive applications'
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Barend Ubbink, Project Manager | Quality Assurance, ARN, on "Recycling of the end of life vehicles in the Netherlands and the upcoming challenges"
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Daniel Tyrkas, Director Automotive Solutions, Mitsubishi Chemical Europe, on 'Biobased high performance materials for automotive interior applications'
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Ugo Fresia, Senior Manager, Global Marketing Automotive, SABIC
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