Conference as a Service, Let Jakajima Handle Your Next Event

Organising a conference can be a great way to showcase your organisation, association or company and achieve various goals, such as marketing, knowledge exchange, sales, or partner search. But not many companies have the capacity or knowledge to handle everything related to organizing a conference, from concept management to post-event evaluation. That’s where Jakajima comes in with conference as a service.

Organisations we support

Since 2012, Jakajima has organized an average of 20 conferences per year in many countries around the world. Our team covers all operational and content issues / tasks, so you can focus on achieving your conference goals. We offer support in concept management, implementation, project team, communication, operations during the conference, and post-event operations and evaluation, named conference as a service.

Organisations we support

With Jakajima’s Conference as a Service, you can expect:

  • Co-development of conference positioning
  • Co-creation of conference content
  • Selection of speakers and moderator
  • Approaching partners/sponsors
  • Drafting of action plan and budget
  • Location/catering selection and all related activities
  • Project team consultation
  • Participant registration and payment handling
  • Communication via website, social media, email, and more
  • Professional registration platform
  • Additional personnel support during the conference
  • Post-event survey processing, thank-you letters / messages, and evaluation
Organisations we support

Let Jakajima take care of your next conference and help you to achieve your goals. Contact us today for more information and a first meeting over a cup of coffee (or tea).


Organisations we support