Sustainable packaging, the importance of a holistic approach!

The Hybrid Packaging Design 4 Sustainability Conference covers all aspects enabling a circular economy by applying design methods on material, product and value chain level.
This has strong implications on:

Material design

  • Decrease material usage
  • Improve sortability with current sorting technology
  • Biodegradability, yes or no

Article / Product Design

  • Design for dismantling
  • Decrease material usage or number of components
  • Use of digital techniques for design

Value Chain Design

  • Changing perception of waste versus valuable material
  • How to organize and incentivize the value chain so that sustainable activity is encouraged
  • Innovation in ‘waste’ collection methods
  • Innovation in ‘waste’ sorting methods

During the Design 4 Sustainability Conference the (inter)national speakers will present their view and experience in this application area.

Watch our videos about sustainability and recycling

Who should attend:

  • R&D and management of
    • Producers of plastics
    • Producers of chemical raw materials
    • Converters
    • Design companies / agencies
    • Brand-owners
    • Retailers
    • Actors in plastic waste management including waste collectors, suppliers of sorted plastic waste, plastic recyclers, users of recycled plastics
  • Governmental bodies
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Investors
  • Start-Ups

Previous Editions


Pouya Samani, Assistant Professor, Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM), Maastricht Unviersity, on 'Don’t leave your package unattended: Sustainable packaging from an LCA point of view'
Milad Golkaram, Polymer scientist - Circular economy, TNO, on 'Circularity of multilayer films: novel recycling technologies vs design for recycling'
Wouter Van Den Berg, Commercial Director, Yparex - Exxelor / Board member, Plastics Europe, on 'Recycling of multilayer packaging – Views and tips from a raw material supplier'
Watch Presentation
Bart van den Esschert, Application Development Engineer Flexible Packaging, Sabic, on 'Design for recycling in mono-material flexible packaging'
Watch Presentation
Jeff Bassett, Senior Vice President Of Sales, Footprint


Karen van de Stadt, Packaging Expert, Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging, on "Packaging sustainability in three tracks"
Watch Presentation
Dennis van den Beuken, Client Director, GBO Innovation makers, on "Sustainable design driven by external factors"
Watch Presentation
Kévin Le Blévennec, Circular Economy Researcher, VITO, on "Design 4 the circular economy: let's rethink our brake 4 packaging sustainability"
Watch Presentation
Prof.dr. Yvonne van der Meer, Scientific co-director Aachen Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials, Professor Sustainability of Chemicals and Materials, Maastricht University, on "Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate sustainability of packaging"
Watch Presentation
Emanuele Burgin, Application Development, Technical Service and Innovation Manager, LyondellBasell, on "Advancing sustainability in designing new PP grades for packaging"
Watch Presentation
Fons Schreurs, Scientist Application Development Flexible Packaging, SABIC, on "Towards Mono-PE packaging solutions"
Watch Presentation
Duo presentation: Gian De Belder, Technical Director Packaging Sustainability, Procter & Gamble, on "Digital Watermarks Initative HolyGrail 2.0 - Revolutionizing Sorting and Recycling by Intelligent Packaging Containing Digital Watermarks"
Watch Presentation
Duo presentation: An Vossen, Executive Manager, PLAREBEL vzw/asbl, Belgian Catalyst for the Circular Plastic Value Chain, on "Digital Watermarks Initative HolyGrail 2.0 - Revolutionizing Sorting and Recycling by Intelligent Packaging Containing Digital Watermarks"
Watch Presentation
Wouter Van Den Berg, General Manager, Yparex, on "Recycling of multilayer packaging film. The ultimate challenge?"
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Marnix van Gurp, Managing Director, Brightlands Materials Center, on "Challenges of PET Trays Recycling"
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