Green Chemistry Conference

On Chemical Process Electrification, Power to Chemical, Energy storage and Clean Hydrogen.

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The program is crafted to highlight real-world initiatives, projects and technologies to make decarbonization happen in the chemical industry.

Key topics of the conference are:

  • Power to heat:  Chemical process electrification replaces the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy. High-temperature applications are key in most chemical production methods and the power demand of a typical chemical process is enormous. New technologies help to reduce the required energy drastically.
  • Power to chemicals: Due to the limitations of the traditional thermal approaches in the field of electrification, several novel technologies are being developed to produce basis materials for the production of e.g. more complex substances in chemical industry directly from electricity, water and/or CO2. One promising approach in this field is plasma technology.
  • Energy storage: Electrical energy extraction from renewable energy sources (e.g. the sun and water) fluctuates. These fluctuations in electricity supply and demand can be balanced via storage. New technologies can help to overcome this challenge and store surplus energy into matter that can be reconverted when needed.  
  • Role of biobased in electrification: Green hydrogen can be converted to methane or methanol. Both these fuels can be stored and used to produce electricity again. Most green hydrogen is produced via water electrolysis using renewable power. Next to electrolysis, other biobased alternatives are developed to produce green hydrogen.

Join this event to:

  1. network with other professionals who want to make the energy transition in the chemical industry a success and
  2. learn from best practices, real use cases and success stories
  3. and exchange different views on this complex topic

Who should attend:

  • R&D / Innovation and General management of
    • Energy and Chemical industry
    • Bio mass suppliers
    • Pyrolysis industry
    • Recycling value chain
  • Governmental bodies
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Investors
  • Start-Ups


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The location of the conference is:
Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Center Court
Chemelot Gate 2, Urmonderbaan 22
6167 RD Sittard-Geleen
The Netherlands
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Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a world-leading innovation location in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing and home to a vibrant and fast-growing open community of groundbreaking companies and knowledge institutes. With its location, ecosystem and easily available expertise and knowledge, Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a unique location for innovative start-ups and corporations, forward-thinking knowledge institutes, daring entrepreneurs, brilliant researchers, talented students and visionary investors.

Previous Editions


Duo presentation
Amandine Joannesse, Policy Officer, European Commission. on 'Transition pathway for the EU chemicals industry'
Roberto Rinaldi, Policy Officer, European Commission. on 'Transition pathway for the EU chemicals industry'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Sonny Schepers, Senior Sustainability Engineer, USG Industrial Utilities, on 'Challenges and opportunities while realizing a 20 MW e-boiler at Chemelot.'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Gianluca Pauletto, CEO and co-founder, Sypox, on 'Avoiding fossil fuel combustion for heat generation, by electrifying traditional endothermic processes.'
Download presentation
Willem Jan van Asselt, CEO, Brigh2, on 'The challenges to develop a 50-MW demoplant for producing syngas by gasifying torrefied biological raw materials.'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Alan Croes, Energy System Planning - System Outlook, TenneT, on 'Transition of the energy system from a Transmission System Operator (TSO) perspective'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Hans Linden, Senior Project Manager / Business Development, Brightsite, on 'Plasma technology for the chemical industry. ‘Plasma technology has the potential to electrify chemical processes with (green) electricity and to produce hydrogen and building blocks for the chemical industry without releasing CO2.'
Guido Dalessi, CEO, Elestor, on 'Hydrogen Bromine Flow Battery technology: Low cost electricity storage, enabling a 100% carbon-free electricity supply.'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Tim Spee, Project leader Metal Fuels, Metalot, on 'Iron Power: a clean and sustainable solution for decarbonization of the heat intensive industry.
Download presentation
Watch presentation


Arnold Stokking, Managing Director, Brightsite, on 'Brightsite ‘s approach to the feedstock transition'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Joris van Willigenburg, Senior chemical engineer / Technology and sustainability consultant, Sitech Services, on "Hydrogen variable cost analysis for multi-product processes"
Download presentation
Watch presentation
René Slaghek, Program Manager, Brightsite, on 'Role of clean hydrogen in a sustainable circular chemical site'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Duopresentation: Hans Linden, Senior Project Manager / Business Development, TNO, on 'Hydrogen, electrification and circularity – a plasma chemistry perspective Part 2'
Watch presentation
Duopresentation: Gerard van Rooij, Professor and Head of Circular Chemical Engineering Department, Maastricht University / Researcher/ Group Leader, DIFFER - Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, on 'Hydrogen, electrification and circularity – a plasma chemistry perspective'
Watch presentation
Pete Johnson, Co-founder / Board Director, Monolith Materials, on 'Clean Hydrogen from Methane Pyrolysis'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Susanne Spur, Project Engineer, Graforce, on "H2 from biological sources with negative carbon footprint for fuel cell waste collection vehicles"
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Robin Post van der Burg, Co-Founder, Torrgas, on 'Renewable Hydrogen and Carbon for a new chemical world'
Watch presentation

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