How do we make agriculture more sustainable?

sustainable agriculture

How do we make agriculture more sustainable and more efficient? With connectivity, innovation, smart and vertical farming. Interested to find out more? Register for Vertical Farming Conference (June 23) and Smart Farming Conference (June 24) during AgriFood Innovation Event (June 23-24) and learn more REGISTER HERE.

AgriFood Innovation Event includes 4 conferences (focused on 2 tracks: food and agriculture), an expo, workshops, student demo corners, lab tours and more.

Confirmed speakers for Vertical Farming Conference:

  • Maarten Vandecruys, Founder & CTO, Urban Crop Solutions, on “The true ROI of indoor farming”, Read more
  • Gerjo de Zeeuw, CEO, GrowAir. B.V., on “Air the way you want!”, Read more
  • Rob Baan, Owner, Koppert Cress
  • Stefan van de Voort, Plant specialist City Farms, Signify
  • Mit Koevoets, Plant data farmer || Artificial Intelligence Architect || Founder, Vaerens
  • Petra Liedl, Research, Technische Universität München, Munich School of Engineering (MSE), on ‘Approaches to a holistic vertical farming concept’
  • Alberto López, Systems Engineer, Agritecture Consulting, on “Data-driven controlled environment agriculture: Planning & design”, Read more
  • Janneke Grit, Lecturer Horticulture & Business Management, HAS University of Applied Science, on “The importance of the variety choice for vertical farming”, Read more
  • Ard Van de Kreeke, Manager, Growx Amsterdam

Confirmed speakers for Smart Farming Conference:

  • Tamme Van Der Wal, Director, Agri-Dataservices BioScope
  • Bram Van de Poel, Research professor in Molecular Plant Physiology, University of Leuven, on “GROW: wireless sensors for smart farming applications in horticulture”, Read more
  • Susanne Oertel, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer IISB, on “Soil Monitoring – Smart Agricultural Sensor Network”, Read more
  • Xander Borre, CEO, ROBOR Electronics B.V. /, on ‘hyper spectral sensing using artificial intelligence and drones in precision agriculture’

You can find the entire program of the event here:
Student demo corners:

Coronavirus update: We are closely following the developments of the situation. For the moment, we don’t see any reason to postpone Smart Farming Conference/Vertical Farming Conference/AgriFood Innovation Event.

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