Upwash, a decontamination technology for mixed plastic wastes

TNO supported by Brightsite, has developed a type of hydrothermal processing, named UpWash, to upgrade difficult plastic mixture wastes (e.g. DKR-310 and DKR-350), usually contaminated with waste food materials and paper / cardboard, metal, glass and sand / stones.

The most important stream of the UpWash process is a clean and densified form of polyolefin mix (PE+PP) virtually free of other plastics, inerts and biogenic contaminants, which facilitates the chemical or mechanical recycling processing.
The objective of this presentation is to divulge the experience gained and contribute to enlarge the innovation in the plastic recycling technologies and contribute for a more circular future of the plastic processing industry.

A Duopresentation by Rinke Altink, Brightsite and Pedro Abelha, TNO.

The major drive for Rinke is finding ways and options to accelerate realization of circularity for materials. An essential trend is “Greening” of industry which requires energy and material de- and re-carbonization. Clever synergies will enhance sustainability of these “sustainable solutions”

About Brightsite
Brightsite is the knowledge center for realizing a sustainable, competitive chemical industry. We support the chemical industry by making a major contribution to the transition to other energy and feedstock sources, with the aim of making this sector climate neutral while retaining employment.

Brightsite makes a major contribution to the transition of the chemical industry to renewable energy and feedstock sources, with the aim of making this sector climate neutral and bringing solutions for other sectors. We boost the development and commercial application of technologies that enable the chemical industry to achieve its sustainability, safety and human capital objectives, in line with the climate challenge and energy transition. A great assignment where knowledge and skills of all parties come together, committed to securing and promoting employment in a sustainable manner.

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Rinke Altink will present this together with Pedro Abelha, TNO at the 2023 edition of the Circular Chemistry Conference which takes place at the Center Court of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

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