Media52 Acquires Jakajima’s Event Activities

Jakajima, known for organizing international high tech conferences in fields like Additive Manufacturing, photonics, healthcare, agrifood, and green energy, is transferring its event activities to Media52. Media52, recognized for Innovation Origins (IO), the Gerard & Anton community, and AI tool Laio, will integrate these activities. This move aims to ensure on one hand the continued growth of the events, and on the other hand the focus of Jakajima on Business / Technology Consulting.

Jakajima owner Pieter Hermans will continue supporting Media52 with the acquired conferences, while IO editor-in-chief Aafke Eppinga will oversee their further integration within the organisation.

Both companies anticipate significant synergy benefits. Media52’s decade-long experience in organizing start-up events complements Jakajima’s expertise and wide portfolio. This partnership allows Jakajima to focus on Business / Technology Consulting / Interim Management while Media52 expands and strengthens its complete portfolio of events and publications.

Pieter Hermans, Jakajima: “Partnering allows Jakajima to focus on Business / Technology Consulting while we support Media52 in broadening their scope. I look forward to collaborating with the new owner.”

Aafke Eppinga, Media52: “This partnership aligns perfectly with IO’s focus. Combining our expertise opens numerous opportunities to enhance our events and publications.”

About Jakajima
Since 2012, Jakajima has organized about 20 in-house conferences annually worldwide, covering concept, content, partnerships, communication, and post-event activities. These events highlight organizations, knowledge institutions, and companies, achieving goals like knowledge exchange, business development, marketing, sales, or partner search.

About Media52
Founded in 2015, Media52 focuses on news about innovations through Innovation Origins, Gerard & Anton events, and AI tool Laio. Innovation Origins shares stories about innovation, while Just News, Media52’s business arm, supports the innovation process. Laio, an AI tool, helps editors create news stories and videos.

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