The power of 3D Food printing

Peter Nieuwkerk

The technique of 3D food printing offers solutions which weren’t possible before. During his presentation, Peter will give an insight into the technique itself, the results till today, outcome of several trials with care institutes as well as the upscaling to industrial level which is currently happening. Gastronology is driven by the enthusiasm that 3D food printing provides a solution for dysphagia patients (people who suffer from a chewing and swallowing disorder), as their food becomes recognizable, tasty and with a good smell, but can be eaten still with a spoon.

This replaces the traditional daily and untasty blended food. The response to the tested 3D printed vegetables are nearly unanimously positive. Come, and attend this presentation and become part of this journey!

A presentation by Peter Nieuwkerk, CEO / founder, Gastronology.

About Peter Nieuwkerk
Peter Nieuwkerk (49) is Group Managing Director and owner of the Budelpack Group, an international co-packing company working for multinationals like Mars-Wrigley, Kraft Heinz and Nestlé. Peter founded Gastronology in 2019 to establish a new strategic activity with the goal to apply the technique of 3D food printing to enable healthy and delicious eating for everybody.

About Gastronology 3D Food Works
Gastronology gives food an extra dimension in terms of flavour, shape and functionality. We develop delicious 3D food recipes and attractive food designs. Flavour and shape, gastronomy and technology, come together in unique these food products. It is an eating experience breakthrough for people with problems relating to chewing, swallowing, taste, eating or appetite, because this food is easy to eat, tastes better. Looks inviting, increases your appetite, helps you to enjoy eating once again and improves your quality of life.

Gastronology will present their products at the exhibit, and will power a conference session titled: Food innovation in Health care.

Peter Nieuwkerk is speaker at the 2022 edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference, part of the Agrifood Innovation Event.

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