Success Factors for Vertical Farming

Is vertical farming viable? Current energy prices have changed business models dramatically. What are the primary success factors? In this presentation Theo Tekstra will go back to basics and discuss the critical success factors for vertical farming. He will also discuss a not so often discussed vertical farming application which is already viable and profitable: Vertical Propagation.

A presentation by Theo Tekstra, Technical Director Fluence EMEA at Fluence.

Innovation, translating into practical applications, knowledge transfer, customer obsession. On the development side he watches the trends and developments in research to define the next generation products, on the product marketing side he translates this into practical applications for their customers. Developing evidence based innovative solutions through research that have a practical application is what drives him.

He sees as the biggest challenge specifically for vertical farming, is the energy transition and the development of the energy costs. Yes, lighting can be even more efficient than we currently produce, but don’t expect huge steps in that direction, there is a theoretic maximum of efficiency you can achieve and we are getting pretty close. A next step is also breeding plants that are suitable for high efficiency lighting (high red content spectra).

About Theo Tekstra
Theo Tekstra (1962) is the Technical Director of Fluence in EMEA. He is the strategic go-to within Fluence for horticultural top lighting, and responsible for the technical pillar within Fluence EMEA, where he also leads and supports the horticultural research team. With well over a decade of experience in world-wide horticultural projects and responsible for disruptive product introductions, he is involved in innovation and works closely together with the Fluence engineering team to drive the development of next generation products.

About Fluence
Fluence Bioengineering, Inc. (Fluence) creates powerful and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial crop production and research applications. Fluence is a leading LED lighting supplier in the global cannabis market and is committed to enabling more efficient crop production with the world’s top vertical farms and greenhouse produce growers. Fluence global headquarters are in Austin, Texas, with its EMEA headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Fluence operates as a business unit within Signify’s Digital Solutions division. For more information about Fluence, visit

Theo Tekstra is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Vertical Farming Conference, which is part of the Agrifood Innovation Event.

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