From 3D Polymer printing to 3DFood Printing as pastry chef – Jakajima interview with Marine Coré Baillais, Digital Patisserie (VIDEO)

Marine Coré Baillais

Marine Coré Baillais is the founder of Digital Patisserie. As former Deputy CEO of Sculpteo, a well-known online 3D printing service, I came to Food printing with convictions and some bias. I’ll try to modestly explain how my background and my experience as a pastry chef has lead me to create the Digital Patisserie.

Marine shares a glimpse of her vision and experience. They have developed slicer software specifically for 3D Food Printing. Food is not a consistently stable material like polymer for instance. This can have serious consequences when retracting takes place. Therefor the new slicer software is avoiding this since it generates a continuous path while printing. Retraction is not necessary anymore. In addition her company will bring an extension unit for standard cartesian 3D printers on the market, so that these printers can be used for 3d foodprinting.

At the end of each talk at JakajimaTV, the host Pieter Hermans asks the presenter to share his favourite music or book or art or city or food etc. Marine, who studied art history and has two favourite artists, Pierre Bonnard and Andrea Mantegna. It is her plan to 3dfoodprint new forms with these artists in mind.

Marine will speak at 3D Food Printing Conference. For a complete overview of the program, visit:

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