Oat it

by Maastricht University students at Student demo corner during AgriFood Innovation Event 2019

We believe it is important to kick-start your day with a lovely and nutritious breakfast that is at the same time good for the planet. That is why we developed Oat it: a healthy, sustainable and delicious alternative for quark. Oat it is 100% plant-based and completely free from allergens, such as milk, soy, gluten and nuts… it is suitable for everyone!

Oat it is super nutritious: it has all the benefits dairy quark has and in addition it is a perfect source of fibre. Besides, Oat it can be produced way more sustainable than dairy quark. And of course, Oat it is delicious, with a texture and taste like quark. Oat it is a tasty and convenient alternative for quark that fits perfectly in a healthy diet and sustainable lifestyle.

Oat it, eat it!

Presented by:

Ham, Vera van der (Stud. FHML / Alumni)
Lier, Ilse van (Stud. FHML)

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