Learn, Network and Explore in 3D Manufacturing on 16 April!

After a successful first edition in 2022, the new partner team of the 3D Delta Week; Brainport Development , IAM3D and Jakajima have decided to revitalise the event in 2024 with combining the successful ‘Manufacturing Technology Conference’ and the inspiring 3D Delta Dinner on April 16.

3D Delta Week creates value for users and providers along the 3D Manufacturing Value Chain. It is the 3D manufacturing meeting point for expert and layman, inside or outside the Benelux region.

The Benelux area (the Delta) is a top region in terms of smart manufacturing, with a myriad of academic and applied research centres, and numerous promising start-ups and established enterprises in the field of smart manufacturing and additive manufacturing. On the user side, the region boasts a multitude of application areas – all in all, an extremely versatile and high-quality ecosystem.

Now, the appropriate podium has been created to bring this leading 3D production region to the fore. Join the event and Immerse yourself in the world of 3D manufacturing!

The following events will take place on 16 April:

Manufacturing Technology Conference
The aim of this Manufacturing Technology Conference is to bring together technicians from the design and manufacturing industry to share knowledge about manufacturability. With this annual Manufacturing Technology Conference, we increase knowledge about manufacturability for developers and help them look for possibilities that were previously unknown. For more information and registration go to the website.

3D Delta Dinner
The 3D Delta dinner is an excellent moment to network, talk about business and other things, and have fun after a hard day of work. Not to mention being able to enjoy a delicious dinner at the same time! For more information and registration go to the webpage.

Brainport Development , IAM3D and Jakajima welcome you. Read more and register on the 3D Delta Week website.