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3D Printing
4D Printing & Meta Materials
Photonics Applications and Research
Unmanned Cargo Aircraft
Internet of Things
Vertical Farming / Smart Farming
Health Care, Med Tech, 3D Medical Printing, 3D Dental Printing, 3D Bioprinting, 3D Pharma Printing
General Innovation / Start-ups / Scale-ups
Food Innovation, 3D Food Printing, Healthy Nutrition
Sustainable Future Series

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Jakajima is here to help! We provide a Management Consulting/Interim Management service that bridges the gap between the key technology organization and the company active in an ecosystem. We are your matchmaker for innovators!

Our long history in this field and our experience in business development, partner search, desk research, field research, workshops, events, conferences, and hackathons enable us to help you make the next step towards realizing your innovative products and services. With our expertise and experience, we can help you understand each other’s language, control the sense of urgency, navigate through regulation and IP, and more.

Business / Technology Consulting
We provide Management Consulting and Interim Management services that can help you develop new innovation strategies / partnerships etc. resulting in innovative products and services with a big impact in your market. Click here for more information.

Conference as a Service
If you want to organize your own conference, but don’t know how, we offer ‘Conference as a Service’. Click here for more information.

Jakajima Events / Conferences / Webinars
Jakajima initiates / organises and owns a broad spectrum of webinars / conferences / events. Click here for an overview.