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3D Printing
4D Printing & Meta Materials
Photonics Applications and Research
Unmanned Cargo Aircraft
Internet of Things
Vertical Farming / Smart Farming
Health Care, Med Tech, 3D Medical Printing, 3D Dental Printing, 3D Bioprinting, 3D Pharma Printing
General Innovation / Start-ups / Scale-ups
Food Innovation, 3D Food Printing, Healthy Nutrition
Materials of the Future Series
Chemistry of the Future Series

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About Jakajima
Jakajima, Matchmaker for Innovators in the high tech industry, organises many events, ranging from 3D Printing to Internet of Things, from Unmanned Cargo Aircraft to Health Tech, from 4D Printing to Photonics, from Vertical Farming to 3D Food Printing and from sustainability/recycling to green energy. As technology develops itself from atoms to bits and from bits to atoms, traditional boundaries between value chains disappear which lead to new business opportunities. The combination of business, technology, creativity, enthusiasm and humour is our leitmotif.

Jakajima Events / Conferences / Webinars
Jakajima initiates / organises and owns a broad spectrum of webinars / conferences / events. Click here for an overview.

Conference as a Service
If you want to organize your own conference, but don’t know how, we offer ‘Conference as a Service’. Click here for more information.

Jakajima, with a long history in technology / business conferences and an extensive global network, has developed several one day workshops in close collaboration with professional partners. Click here for more information.

Market Intelligence
As matchmaker for innovators we provide tailored market intelligence services to help you make informed business decisions. Click here for more information.

Tikcit registration platform
This is an event registration platform developed by experienced organisers, aimed at helping you organise the best events – the platform covers a variety of customisable tools, from registrations and payments to speakers, sponsors and venues. Click here for more information.

Moderator / Chairman
Are you looking for an inspiring moderator / chairman for your conference / event, Pieter Hermans, owner of Jakajima, has the right twist for you. Click here for more information.