Photonics is the key enabling technology engine needed to keep the globe communicating and connected in the 21st century.  It provides the bandwidth, speed, reach and flexibility needed to run exciting new applications that everyone knows – AgriFood, Healthcare & life sciences, internet of things, M2M, social media, big data, datacenters, cloud computing and more. It’s the most energy efficient technology to scale up all these services. Join us for a one-day executive conference explaining why photonic integration is vital to keep our world communicating and connected in the 21st century.

Focus topics:

  • Business models for applying Photonic Integration
  • Cases of Photonic Integration in:
    • Health Care
    • IoT & Autonomous Systems
    • IT & Telecom
    • Agri & Food
    • Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
    • Military & Aerospace
    • Consumer Electronics & Lighting
  • Integration of photonics with microelectronics at the chip, board and system levels
  • Tools for developing and packaging

Who should attend the conference?

  • System integration engineers in optical sensing, lighting & energy, information technology, telecom, healthcare & life science, big-data, security & defence, manufacturing
  • Innovation Managers, CTO’s or Business Development Managers working in the Semiconductor industry
  • Optical and electronic component engineers
  • Investors, CEOs, and marketing directors tracking the direction of integrated photonics and or semi-conductor industry
  • Industry analysts and consultants looking to understand the latest technology advances in integrated photonics

Previous Editions


Stefan Mohrdiek, Head Functional Packaging, CSEM, on 'Photonic multi-domain integration trends'
Download presentation
Watch presentation

Peter O'Brien, Head of Research Group, Tyndall National Institute / Director, Photonics Packaging Pilot Line
Watch presentation

Scott Jordan, Head of Photonics / Sr. Director, Physik Instrumente
Watch presentation
Ralph Schachler, Sales Manager Germany & Benelux, Finetech GmbH, on 'Highly accurate flipchip bonding for transceiver applications'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Arno Thoer, Project Solutions Director, Tegema ETTEPLAN
Watch presentation
Sander Dorrestein, Senior researcher micro electronic and micro-optical packaging, CITC - Chip Integration Technology Center
Watch presentation
Nikolaus Flöry, Business Development Manager, vario-optics AG, on "Electro-Optic Circuit Boards - an advanced photonic chip packaging platform"
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Introduction and Interactive Workshop on "Photonics in a Systems Context" by Gerrit Muller, TNO-ESI / University of South-Eastern Norway
Attendees can and will actively participate in the workshop.
Issues / Questions will be discussed amongst the participants
Goal is to understand how to develop products based on PICs and / or photonics component / subsystems.
Watch Workshop
Nazanin Shafiee, Smartphotonics, on "Paving the Way for InP Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) devices"
Watch presentation
Edwin Hakkennes, Technolution, on "System architecture of the pattern streamer for mapper lithography"
Download presentation
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Ivana Sersic Vollenbroek, Demcon Advanced Mechatronics, on "Photonic integration in product development"
Watch presentation
Maarten Buijs, PhotonDelta, on 'Integrated photonic biosensors: leading the path to point-of-care diagnostics'
Download presentation
Watch presentation
Carol de Vries, PhotonDelta, on 'Megatrends in the automotive & mobility sector and the role of integrated photonics'
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Alvaro Jimenez, VLC Photonics, Spain, on "PIC industry overview: design and test trends", Download presentation
Peter van Arkel, Consultant technological innovation, strategy and funding, Berenschot, on "Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap - International ecosystem", Download presentation
Aljoscha Schu, Project Manager, ficonTEC Service GmbH, on "Mixed-signal electro-optical automated wafer-level testing for integrated photonics", Download presentation
Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Professor Terahertz Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology, on "Emerging Applications for Photonic Integration Circuits (PIC)", Download presentation
Coenraad K van Kalken, CEO, Qurin Diagnostics, on "Early detection of cancer in urine using photonic biosensors", Download presentation
Shourjya Sanyal, CEO, Ireland/USA, Think Biosolution, on "Engineering and Regulatory Pathways for Designing Lenses and Light Pipes for PICs in Wearable Medical Devices"
Prof. Jean-Paul Linnartz, research Fellow, Signify / Signify Li-Fi systems on 'Photonic integration to accelerate Li-Fi', Download presentation
Ruben van Ardenne, Manager Strategy and Innovation, Compass Infrastructure, The Netherlands
Marinus Van Der Hoek, Director / Photonics Innovator, VanderHoekPhotonics, on "Photonic Integration: A key enabler for multi-measurand sensing in complex Infrastructure", Download presentation

Jakajima started in 2015 with the first Photonic Integration Conference as one of many Photonic events, for instance the Photonics Applications Week. Since then the conference took place annually.

For a total overview of all events Jakajima has initiated and organised, please visit this page.