The speed of technology change is so high that many SMEs (Small Medium sized Enterprises) have difficulty to follow. These changes have huge impact on the products / services, business models, partnerships, organisational issues and more.

Jakajima, with a long history in technology / business conferences and an extensive global network, has developed several one day workshops in close collaboration with professional partners. Target group for these workshops is the management team of an SME.

If you are a CEO of your company and are thinking about which strategy you should follow related to new technology, disruptive business models and the like and you want to do this with your management team, have a look at our workshops (see below), or contact us with this form for more options.

Business Opportunities with the Internet of Things
We live in an interesting era of digitization in which physical objects and products also digitize. With sensors and electronics they get senses and intelligence, can communicate via the internet and can be operated remotely. This development is called the ‘Internet of Things’. It has huge impact on our society and offers opportunities for companies in all sectors. What are your next generation products and services?

In the strategy workshop “SME Management Series: Business Opportunities with the Internet of Things”, we inspire you and your fellow MT members about business opportunities in a digital era. We take you step by step into the world of Internet of Things (IoT). In this one-day workshop you will develop a first new IoT business concept by looking at your own company in a different and fresh way. The workshop is primarily intended for Management Teams who are working on the strategic orientation towards the future of their company. It can also be used as training or for team building purposes.

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