Opening ‘Vertical Farming Field Lab’ part of the conference program

Roel Janssen

Wageningen University & Research, BU Horticulture & Flower Bulbs and Delphy Improvement Centre, both established at the Horti Science Park in Bleiswijk, recently finished building their Vertical Farm facilities. The official opening of ‘Vertical Farming Field Lab’ will be held on Friday 1 October, prior to the Vertical Farming Conference.

At the opening ceremony, which will take place that morning in Bleiswijk, the importance of Vertical Farming for the region – and the entire world – and the opportunities offered by the facilities led by WUR and Delphy will be discussed. The first research results will also be announced.

the opening session will take place from 10:00 – 12:00 prior to the conference.

Later on that day, the international ‘Vertical Farming Conference’ will be held. During this afternoon symposium, experts will discuss various aspects of Vertical Farming, examining such topics as technology, sustainability and cultivation climate. Some of the speakers will be presenting their contribution to the conference at the Horti Science Park.

The morning and afternoon programmes can be attended both on site (exclusively for invitees and subject to registration) and online. Please note that the number of seats at the science park is very limited. This is partly on account of restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

There are great opportunities for Vertical Farming as part of the global food system of the future. The potential yields are high, the quality can be optimally controlled, and many resources are used more sustainably than in more traditional types of agriculture and horticulture. Above all, Vertical Farms can be built anywhere: all over the world and close to the consumer, which translates into fewer food miles and less food waste.

However, there are still some challenges facing this still relatively new agricultural practice. Only little scientific research has been carried out at this point in time that captures the actual value of Vertical Farming in hard figures. This is partly because nothing has been standardised yet: no two Vertical Farms are the same. Therefore, there are still numerous opportunities for optimisation.

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