Interference handling for LiFi

Dries van Wageningen, Xavier Chatel, Marcos Martinez Vázquez, Antonio Salas MorenoSignify, High Tech Campus 7, Eindhoven, 5656AE, NetherlandsMaxlinear, Ronda Narcis Monturiol 11D, Valencia, 46980, Topic Medium range: Indoor IR …

Contention-free scheduling for LiFi networks

Jona Beysens, J.P. Linnzartz, D. van Wageningen, Sofie Pollin KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, Signify (Philips Lighting) Research, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Department of Electrical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology

daniel behnke

LiFi as Enabler for Smart Manufacturing

Presentation by Daniel Behnke , Head of Global Digitalization/Corporate Factory IT & Technologies, Weidmüller Group (Invited Speaker). Communication is the fundamental requirement for smart manufacturing.