Healthcare Futurists, a Think-Tank and Make-Tank


A talk with Tobias Gantner, CEO / Founder, Healthcare Futurists, for JakajimaTV hosted by Pieter Hermans. The HealthCare Futurists is an international and independent think-tank in disruptive innovation in health-care, life sciences and medicine. The HCFs consist of renowned experts and thriving professionals of diverse disciplines with a persistent passion for patients.

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3D Printing offers personalized Food and Pharma solutions (VIDEO)


A JakajimaTV interview hosted by Pieter Hermans with Kjeld van Bommel, Senior Researcher at TNO. TNO has been active in the area of 3D Food Printing since 2011. Based on its combined knowledge and expertise on 3D printing as well as food, TNO has been able to help 3D food printing develop into an exciting new field.

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