Protein Transition Conference – New conference organised by Jakajima

protein transition

From farming animals to farming cells – is this the future? The Online Protein Transition Conference (June, 16, 2021, 14:00 – 18.00 CET) organised by Jakajima focuses on cutting edge research & commercial initiatives towards protein-rich alternative food sources.

It is very clear that a considerable portion of our protein is consumed through products from animal origin. This consumption is one of the key factors causing current routes for food production to be insufficiently efficient to feed the growing, and more affluent world population. Meat production is inefficient with respect to the use of land, water and raw materials and it has serious impact on the environment. With a growing world population and a global rise in demand for meat, we need to make a transition to high quality protein-rich alternative food sources, while simultaneously considering human health and environmental sustainability.

There are several routes to follow, but this conference will focus on the two major alternatives:

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