Jan 31- Feb 02, 2017 – 3D Printing Medical Expo + 6 related conferences

3D Printing Medical Expo

First exhibitors announced for 3D Printing Medical Expo

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3D Bioprinting Conference- First speakers announced

  • Dr. Yan Yan Shery Huang, University Lecturer in Bioengineering, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Christophe Marquette, Deputy Director, Institute for Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry (ICBMS), Université Lyon 1/ Coordinator H2020 project FAPIC/ Coordinator 3d.FAB platform
  • Dr.-Ing. Rainer Detsch, Research Lecturer, Institute of Biomaterials, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, about “Biofabrication of hard and soft matrix for bone tissue regeneration”
  • Anna Pacholczyk, PhD student, ethics, University of Manchester about Ethics and 3D BioPrinting
  • Nicole Anna Michels, PhD student, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, about “Challenges in Patenting Bioartificial Organs”

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