Presentation Jakajima during STAR Management Week ’13

Pieter Hermans, matchmaker for innovators of Jakajima, gave a presentation during the STAR Management Week ’13, a week full of conferences for students who got the possibility to get inspired by keynote speakers and meet premium employers in the working field.

Pieter spoke about ’3D Printing’, a technique which has been attracting increasing attention. In recent years, the technique has developed immense which makes it more economically feasible. Nowadays, 3D printed products are being made in a layer-by-layer technique, which enables producers to make any structure that is desired. This technique could make a huge impact on daily business, which is very interesting to all business students.

Combining business, technology, creativity, enthusiasm and fun is the leitmotif of Pieter Hermans. After his study Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, he has had management functions in multinationals, software companies and has been partner in a consultancy company. He acquired Jakajima, a Benelux publishing company in IT and Telecom, and restructured it towards a matchmaker for innovators in the high tech industry, ranging from 3D printing to Internet of Things, from Drones to Health Tech and from IPTV to High Tech Urban Farming.

As the technology develops itself from atoms to bits and from bits to atoms, traditional boundaries between value chains disappear which offers new business opportunities. Pieter Hermans focuses on these crossovers.

Below you can see his presentation on the STAR Management Week ’13.

For more information about the STAR Management Week ’13, click here.

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