Kalera is silver sponsor of the Vertical Farming Conference

Kalera is a vertical farming company headquartered in Orlando, Florida and a branch offices in Munich, Kuwait and Singapore. Kalera uses technology to ensure that more people around the world have access to the freshest, most nutritious, and cleanest products available. It has spent several years optimizing plant nutrient formulas and developing an advanced automation and data acquisition system with Internet of Things, cloud, big data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Kalera currently operates farms in the United States (Orlando, Atlanta, Houston and Denver) as well as Kuwait. Additional farms are in development, among them one in Singapore.

No Harmful Sprays
Grown indoors in perfect conditions and 100% free of harmful sprays and pesticides.

Higher Nutrients
Rich flavor and 50% or more increase in proteins, vitamins, and minerals (source).

Locally grown
Locally grown; harvested on demand at peak freshness.

Less Water, Less Land
Constant crop quality using 97% less water and a fraction of the land traditional farming uses.

Kalera will show their products / services at the exhibit.

The Vertical Farming Conference is part of the Agrifood Innovation Event, which combines three conferences (Vertical Farming, 3D Food Printing and Protein Transition) and an exhibit in one location and on one day.

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