Visible Light Positioning for Industrial Environments

nobby stevens

Nobby Stevens: In this presentation, the current state-of-the-art on visible light positioning for industrial environments will be covered. Starting from theoretical models, it will be shown why these approaches have inherent flaws that hinder a sufficient location estimation accuracy. It is demonstrated that a data-drive technique does counter the non-idealities of the transmitter, channel and receiver, leading to a very accurate position estimation.

Nobby Stevens is Invited Speaker at the 2021 edition of the Online Optical Wireless Communications Conference. He is Associate Professor at KU Leuven where he is part of the DRAMCO research group, located at the Technology Campus in Gent.

The research group DRAMCO (Design and Research of Aerial eMbedded devices and Cool Other stuff) was founded in 2002 at KAHO Sint-Lieven (Ghent). Currently, DRAMCO includes 17 researchers and PhD students and is led by Jean-Pierre Goemaere, Liesbet Van der Perre, Nobby Stevens and Lieven De Strycker.

Continuously driven by questions from and contacts with industrial partners, the mission of DRAMCO is to cover a broad range of research topics in wireless, mobile and embedded communications. The goal is to make new technologies accessible for industrial partners by applied research projects and further develop these technologies by more fundamental research in PhD projects. Technical support, advice, training, networking, etc are part of the core business of our research group. Research funding comes from IWT (mainly TETRA, SME innovation and Baekeland), industry and internal academic funds.

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