Upwash, a decontamination technology for mixed plastic wastes

TNO supported by Brightsite, has developed a type of hydrothermal processing, named UpWash, to upgrade difficult plastic mixture wastes. The most important stream of the UpWash process is a clean and densified form of polyolefin mix (PE+PP) virtually free of other plastics, inerts and biogenic contaminants, which facilitates the chemical or mechanical recycling processing.

The objective of this presentation is to divulge the experience gained and contribute to enlarge the innovation in the plastic recycling technologies and contribute for a more circular future of the plastic processing industry.

A Duopresentation by Pedro Abelha, TNO and Rinke Altink, Brightsite.

About Pedro Abelha
Dr. Pedro Abelha has a degree in Chemical Engineering (1997) and Doctor of Philosophy (2005) working on pollutant emissions reduction during co-combustion of biomass, plastics and coal. He develops research work for more than 25 years in bioenergy and plastic circularity areas, mainly related to efficient energy use of biomass and plastic waste materials in thermochemical processes

About TNO Energy & Materials Transition
We must move towards a fully sustainable and circular economy by 2050. This calls for reusing materials, working on a cleaner environment, and reducing CO2 emissions. At TNO, we are developing applications and measures to achieve this.

Coherence within and between systems
Environment and sustainability problems do not respect borders of time and place. Harmful substances that we emit here can affect people on the other side of the world. And resources that we use now will never be available for future generations. That is why solutions for today and the future require an understanding of how the systems behind them affect each other.

At TNO, we are therefore looking at the coherence within and between systems, so that the climate or environmental gains we achieve in one area do not come at the expense of climate or environmental gains in another area. In doing so, we oversee the systems at various levels, from the sustainable living environment to factory emissions. Visit the site for more information.

Pedro Abelha will present this together with Rinke Altink, Brightsite at the 2023 edition of the Circular Chemistry Conference which takes place at the Center Court of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

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