On the pursuit of financially viable models in the protein transition

We live in an economical ecosystem where technological breakthroughs from early adopters find difficulties to prove their financial viability. The farming sector is no stranger to this reality. This presentation aims to open minds into the potential of multi-revenue models within the protein transition theme. The idea is simple: be on the constant search of technological symbiosis within different kinds of crops and rearing methods to create multi-revenue models that reach profitability within the current economical context.

A presentation by Victor Poncelet, Co-founder / Head of strategy and finances of Wastech BSF.

Victor is driven to imagine and create resiliant economical models who are able to adapt to different crisis and be the path to a more sustainable future. As a consequence he sees that Insect rearing is the one missing link to make that resiliance possible and connect actors within the farming community.

About Victor Poncelet
After my studies of Business Engineering at ICHEC Brussels Management School, I decided to travel to South America. A continent where nature imposes itself on you. An inspiration that I decided to pursuit by starting a position as an impact investing and philanthropy analyst in Brussels. Analyzing and promoting ecological business creators to investors was my daily job. This experience led me automatically to entrepreneurship and the creation, with 3 other partners, of Wastech. Wastech creates insect protein by upcycling organic waste.

About Wastech
The role of detritivores insects in nature is to recycle organic waste into readily available nutrients for the trophic chain. Detritivores assure a circular balance for everyone to flourish. This inspired Wastech to create a technology that would enable decentralized organic waste treatment: Where the waste is no longer transported along hundreds of miles but creates immediate value for local habitats/economical ecosystems/communities through protein and oil production. A bio-inspired vision you could say.

Victor Poncelet is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Vertical Farming Conference, part of the Agrifood Innovation Event in the session CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) – addressing the protein transition imperative.


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