Molecular Farming of Animal Proteins

The Company’s mission is to create unique food ingredients by engineering plants with animal protein genes. Its purpose is to redefine the way the world produces animal-based food, for good and for all. Moolec’s technological approach aims to have the cost structure of plant-based solutions with the organoleptic properties and functionality of animal-based ones, in other words Molecular Farming of Animal Proteins.

4 December 2024
10th edition

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Henk Hoogenkamp, Co-Founder and CPO of Moolec Science will talk about this at the conference. He has a background in biochemistry, life sciences and biomedical materials. Henk continued his research in the meat processing, animal protein valorisation, and meat replacement industries. Over his brief career Henk has migrated from bench top science to food formulations and from technical roles to commercial roles. since 2019 Henk has been working on several entrepreneurial endeavours.

He is driven by affordable nutrition which is scalable and sustainable, and foresees GMOs, NGTs and Food Waste Reduction Strategies as emerging trends!

About Moolec Science
Moolec is a science-based ingredient company producing real animal proteins in plants through Molecular Farming, a disruptive technology in the alternative protein landscape. To upgrade taste, nutrition, and affordability of alternative protein products while building a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Moolec’s technology allows us to include animal proteins’ gene DNA codes inside the genome of the main plants used in food. Each protein is selected to add value in terms of targeted functionality like taste, texture, and nutritional values.

Moolec’s approach is cost-effective and environmentally friendly by consuming fewer resources through biology. Our plants work as small factories producing animal proteins with sun and water, including farmers as key participants in our value chain.

For more information visit the website.

Henk Hoogenkamp will speak at the 2023 edition of the Agrifood Innovation Event.