Light Spectra Opportunities

sebastian olschowski

by Sebastian Olschowski, Fluence Bioengineering “Fluence by OSRAM”

Light Spectra make a difference for plant growing, especially in sole-source applications like vertical farming. Multiple discussions and publications exist how different light spectra influence plant growth of different cultivars. This presentation is guiding through spectral effects to crop performances as well is questioning the relevance of spectral tuning in vertical farms.


About Sebastian Olschowski

Sebastian is a Research Project and Laboratory Manager at Fluence Bioengineering “Fluence by OSRAM”, where he is coordinating photobiology research projects, conducting grower trails and providing professional consultancy to growers in the EMEA region. After his university degree, he gained 8 years of holistic experience in scientific research- and practice-oriented projects dealing with ornamental crops, leafy greens, vegetables and cannabis. Based on this experience he is driving forward photobiology research at Fluence and supporting growers with their operational challenges based on science and applied science.

About Fluence Bioengineering “Fluence by OSRAM”

Fluence creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production.

We apply the latest research in photobiology, evidence-based design, precise engineering and advanced technology to foster a healthier and more sustainable world.

In 2018, Fluence was acquired by the Munich-based lighting manufacturer, OSRAM. By combining Fluence’s proven leadership in LED-based horticulture lighting systems with OSRAM’s expertise in lighting technologies, sensors, and connectivity, Fluence is today empowering cultivators worldwide to increase their output and quality, while achieving new margins and profits.

The scientific revolution that inspired our founding continues apace. With a strategy built on the latest research and evidence, Fluence is poised to remain at the vanguard of these advances, delivering intelligent plant growth solutions to help cultivators grow smarter.

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