LiFi as Enabler for Smart Manufacturing

daniel behnke

Presentation by Daniel Behnke , Head of Global Digitalization/Corporate Factory IT & Technologies, Weidmüller Group (Invited Speaker).

Communication is the fundamental requirement for smart manufacturing.

Due to the rough environment and several other boundary conditions of smart manufacturing, such as flexible structures and movable machines, radio communication technologies are suffering due to the physical effects of fading, reflection, attenuation and range. Light Fidelity is an alternative to radio for wireless communications. It enables both, communications and positioning.

Specific requirements on communications systems need to be matched in modern manufacturing with a focus on industrial data. Scenarios for the application of LiFi for wireless and reliable network communications as well as for indoor positioning of an intelligent transport systems (ITS) will be introduced. Further, a system architecture for LiFi with 5G in smart manufacturing is developed and addresses the benefits of applying LiFi
in these scenarios and the associated challenges.

About Weidmüller Group

Be it automobile manufacturing, electricity production or water management – hardly any of today’s industries can do without electronics and electrical connectivity. In this internationalised, technologically changing world, the complexity of requirements is rapidly increasing due to the emergence of new markets. New, more varied challenges have to be overcome, and the solutions to them will not be found in high-tech products alone. Connectivity is the key, whether it involves power, signals and data, demands and solutions or theory and practice. Industrial Connectivity needs connections. And that’s precisely what we stand for.

Our industrial environment is full of connections that need to be connected, controlled and optimised. We are absolutely committed to always providing the best connection possible. This is not only demonstrated in our products but also in the human connections we maintain: We develop solutions in close cooperation with our customers which meet the full measure of all requirements of their particular industrial environment.

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