Kuleana. The next generation seafood

Sonia Hurtado

Sonia Hurtado is the co-founder and CSO at Kuleana, leading the R&D team with the same mission she had since she was a little girl, protecting and helping the animals and the environment.

She’s been working in the food industry for more than 15 years, mostly in R&D, having her background in food science and technology with a MSc in food biotechnology. She’s done research in 3D food printing and extrusion and the last 5 years she’s been focused in developing plant based alternatives, such as bacon, chicken or ham.

Sònia met Jacek Prus in 2019 and together they founded Kuleana. Being born in the Mediterranean Sea and experiencing the decline of the ocean contributed to her commitment to develop seafood alternatives that convince fish eaters in their transition to a plant based diet, which is the most impactful thing we all can do to heal our oceans and with them, the world.

Kuleana provides plant-based seafood without the environmental and ethical consequences, so you’re off the hook.

Solving an existential environmental sustainability problem is no small fish to fry. Behind Kuleana is a group of passionate people with unique talents, backgrounds and experiences. Learn more about the team embarking on the about-us.

Sonia Hurtado, Kuleana will be a speaker at the 2021 edition of Online Protein Transition Conference.

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