Industrial scale 3D food printing: the ‘why’ and the challenges

Why does Gastronology believe 3D food printing is a solution to a problem?
What problems does 3D food printing solve that cannot be solved in other ways?
Why does Gastronology believe in industrial scale 3D food printing?
Why is industrial scale 3D food printing so much different than labscale 3D food printing?

November 2024

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Presented by Peter Nieuwkerk, founder at Gastronology.

Peter is driven by Innovation, disruption, social purpose, and human interaction.

About Peter Nieuwkerk
Peter Nieuwkerk is Group Managing Director and owner of the Budelpack Group, an international co-packing company working for multinationals like Mars-Wrigley, Kraft Heinz and Nestlé.
In 2019 Peter had a dream: he wanted to bring back the joy of consuming fresh food to adults and children who suffer from dysphagia. That is why he founded Gastronology 3D Food Works.
Gastronology develops and produces food products based on the technique of 3D food printing :

  1. creation of fresh and refined 3D food recipes;
  2. design of fun and functional 3D product forms;
  3. optimization of product designs for 3D printing.

About Gastronology
Gastronology develops delicious 3D food recipes and attractive food designs; their 3D food printing technology makes it possible for people with dysphagia to participate in social eating moments again, so a solution for a problem.
3D food products are fresh, soft and moist. They taste delicious and look inviting. 3D food looks like normal food but then in tasty, recognizable shapes rather than round balls or shapeless mash. 3D printed food brings back joy to the table and has numerous positive effects on the physical and mental well-being of people with dysphagia. This makes the people at Gastronology extremely enthusiastic about what they are doing!

For more information visit the website.

Peter Nieuwkerk will speak at the 2023 edition of the Agrifood Innovation Event.

Gastronology has a booth during the 2023 Agrifood Innovation Event.