How to make 3D Printing of chocolate a must?

Virtual AM for Defense Conference

A top-down strategy of development will be presented. How to make 3D Printing of chocolate a must for chocolatiers and chocolate makers ? Based on research and development in the additive manufacturing of industrial parts, an original approach is followed to develop a new generation 3D printer as a tool for the innovation in the chocolate sector.

A presentation by Laurent D’Alvise, CEO at Schoggi Print.


Question 1: What drives you?
Innovation, Open Innovation, Orthogonal Thinking, Generative Design.

Question 2: Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
To discover a new way to innovate in food printing.

Question 3: What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Use of generative design in the chocolate 3D printing sector.
Use of 3D printing to innovate in the food printing sector.

Question 4: What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
New ways to eat chocolate.

About Laurent D’Alvise
Laurent D’Alvise has 20 years of experience with Additive Manufacturing (AM) and complex manufacturing processes in metals. Eager to respond to an entrepreneurial thirst and to dive into the adventure of the Factory of the Future, he founded the software startup GeonX in 2012 to simulate and control AM processes. After its acquisition, he spent two years at GE Additive (NYSE:GE) as a Principal Digital Product Manager. Today he leads the consulting company NOMASYS (Switzerland) and among other startups, he is launching Schoggi Print, to develop a new generation food 3D printer.

About Schoggi Print
In February 2021, NOMASYS initiated the Schoggi Print project with the ambition to develop a new generation 3D printer. The focal point of its development concerns chocolate and generally, viscous food materials. With particular attention to the work of chocolate professionals, the machine is designed in harmony with the practices of the trade.

Made up of a team of independent experts, NOMASYS also reveals an innovative way of working in a network, in an era where innovation cannot stop at the same time as travel. The agility of our team and partners is at the height of its passion and expertise in all the sectors necessary for the success of our company.

Laurent D’Alvise will be speaking at the 2021 edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference.

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