Eutelsat perspective on Satellite Optical Communications

by Alessandro Le Pera, Eutelsat

Optical communications represent the next big challenge in Satellite communication; core-business activities such as GEO Very High Throughput Satellite Systems (V-HTS) could get a real boost from this technology, enabling Terabit-class Satellites, together with new Non-GEO communication systems approaches. Eutelsat is currently participating to several R&D activities aimed to increase the maturity of the different building blocks as well as overall System level concepts.

About Alessandro Le Pera

Mr. Le Pera joined Eutelsat in 2007 and currently acts as R&D Manager and Advanced Payload Manager. He has been following the procurement of several innovative Satellite such as W2A (S-band Mission), EB9B (hosting EDRS), E172B (HTS mission employing an MPA), Quantum (flexible Payload including user defined coverages, Beam Hopping and Geo-location), while currently he is in charge of the Digital Processing Section embarked on Konnect-VHTS Satellite.

He is actively participating in a number of Optical communication activities such as ESA Hydron and Hydron Phase A (Airbus Germany-led consortium), TNO-led TomCAT Phase2.
In his role of R&D manager, he supports and coordinates Eutelsat participation to R&D activities such as ESA ARTES and Scyligth, European Union H2020 projects and National Agencies specific topics.

About Eutelsat

We are a global satellite operator shaping a fast-evolving digital society and enabling connectivity for all.

Via our global fleet of satellites and associated ground infrastructure, we enable clients across Video, Data, Government, Fixed and Mobile Broadband markets to communicate effectively to their customers, irrespective of their location.

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