Air the way you want!

by Gerjo de Zeeuw, CEO, GrowAir. B.V.. Air is invisible, but the effects of air distribution and air handling are visible. How do you create a homogenous and optimal climate?

The people of KE Fibertec – GrowAir are driven to develop, produce and to market homogenous air distribution systems for the horticultural and many other different sectors. To create a good air-distribution system in a greenhouse, vertical farm or indoor facility looks very simple and easy, but it’s very complicated to reach a homogenous climate and maximum growing results.


What drives you?

We want to share our kwowledge about air distribution systems that are used in almost all applications – from industry to sports centers, office facilities, laboratories, food industry, horticultural sector and many other applications that requires a good indoor climate.


Why should the delegate attend your presentation?

In addition to light and water, air and the climate factor are an important component for a balanced crop. Still air has a negative effect on the crop. How do you distribute the air in such a way that a controlled and homogeneous air and temperature distribution is created? These are questions we would like to discuss and jointly come up with a customized solution.

You can’t solve that by just blowing air through a hose with holes. Distributing air in a homogeneous and efficient manner is our profession and we would like to share that knowledge with you.

Air circulation that ensures an optimal climate and growth in the way you want!

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?

• Full transparency of producing products;
• Producing custom work;
• Durability;
• Labor shortage;
• Urbanization and disease pressure;
• Internationalization.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?

• Flexible and customized climate solutions;
• Horticultural and optimal air distribution knowledge combined;
• Avoid entrainment and turbulence;
• Uniform air distribution and temperature (vertical and horizontal);
• Equal growth of crop from beginning to end and from low to high;
• Lower energy consumption;
• Less waste processing;
• Growth in Vertical- en Indoor farming;
• Chain cooperation.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?

• The traditional way of thinking and working;
• Making it by themselves by try and error;
• Awareness of air distribution and air handling
• Trust in cooperation and co-creation with experts in their field.

“Special quote”
From dialog to a customized solution “Air the way you want”.

About GrowAir. B.V.

GrowAir by KE Fibertec provides efficient air distribution for cooling, heating and ventilation in (semi) closed greenhouses, vertical farming and indoor facilities. The system is based on a worldwide patented solution. With years of experience our engineers are able to dimension air distribution systems that fits the design of the greenhouse or vertical farm. This will give you a perfect airflow, a stable temperature and provide an energy-efficient distribution of the air.

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