3D printing the Seafood of the future

This presentation will detail how Revo Foods wants to save our oceans and how 3D Food printing plays a critical role in creating the next generation plant based seafood. We need this high quality fish alternatives to convince the consumer for behaviour change.

A presentation by Bart van Hensbergen, R&D Team lead at Revo Foods.

For Bart, 3D food printing and revolution regarding alternatives to animal based products are the two coolest things within food technology. Combining these two in an effort to have a positive impact on our oceans, our planet and meanwhile putting a smile on the face of the consumer eating our delicious products is a dream job.

He also believes that 3D food printing, perhaps in combination with cell cultures and other technologies is the best way to recreate complex structures of fish or meat.

About Bart van Hensbergen
After a bachelor thesis and internship on 3D food printing I found a passion, on which I further specialized during my master thesis and internship. During this time I also developed a strong passion for plant based products. I have been with Revo Foods since the start where we combine these two passions and where I now work on our most innovative technologies in the R&D department.

About Revo Foods
Do you like fish? We also do. In fact, we love fish so much that we want to allow them to swim freely in our oceans. Revo™ Foods offers seafood made 100% out of plants, aiming at changing the way we consume fish products. Our mission is to offer the best plant-based seafood alternatives to those who want to keep our oceans healthy and full of fish.

Our goals are simple:

  • Offer the best possible seafood alternatives in the world.
  • Be fully plant-based (no fish needed).
  • Help reduce overfishing and offer healthy and delicious seafood products to consumers (free of heavy metals and antibiotics).

The first Revo product, Revo Salmon, was released in November 2021. However, our products are already available in more than 20 countries. Now, Revo Foods has produced and distributed many more products, including a tuna and a salmon spread.

Bart van Hensbergen is speaker at the 2022 edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference, which is part of the Agrifood Innovation Conference.

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