3D printing as a tool to innovate texture for better cooking and eating experiences

The unique flavour and texture of meat come from its complex structure. This structure is made of different materials like fat, muscle, blood, connective tissues, in some cases bones and skin. Quite often, we don´t pay much attention to it during a regular meal. We just know that this is how chicken breast, steak or bacon feel and taste. However, the difference becomes clear once we try a meat alternative which tries to mimic a certain meat product. Chicken does not have the same fibers and bite, steak is oddly soft and the marbling looks weird, bacon does not curl during frying and the fat feels like jelly.

November 2024

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Surely, there are many great processed meat alternatives, like patties and sausages, widely available on the market. However, mimicking a whole cut is a different, much more complex story… In Novameat, we are working to change that by perfecting a variety of whole-cut products… and it all started with 3D printing!

In this presentation, I will give a short overview of how we have used 3D printing to experiment with and develop our products to eventually scale up for larger production.

A presentation by Margarita Kuzina, Food Scientist at Novameat.

About Novameat
Meat and fish may be tasty, but it’s not kind to the environment, animals or our health. Based in Barcelona, Novameat uses innovative technology to set a new standard for superior whole cuts that have the same delicious flavour and texture as animal meat but come from a different protein source.
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Margarita Kuzina is speaker at the 2023 edition of the Agrifood Innovation Event.