3D food printing at Medical Care Centers. Dreams, wishes and challenges.

People who stay in medical care centers have to deal with several health issues, which make it a challenge to reach a food intake as recommended in the references of dietary guidelines.
What are the main goals, the biggest challenges and how can 3d foodprinting help us to deal with these. During the presentation I will guide you through the human body.

I will also discuss the nutritional intake and the influence of the health problems include the dietary guidelines we need to follow. I hope, by inspiring each other, we will come to a solution for tasteful and healthy food what is customized for every person.

A presentation by Ineke Obbema, dietitian at Máxima MC.

About Máxima MC
Máxima MC (MMC) is the largest health care provider in Southeastern Brabant region of the Netherlands, serving the local and international community at our two campus facility.

At Máxima MC we work to treat each patient as an individual. We understand the need for healing with compassion, and we respect the stewardship entrusted to us. When you meet with anyone from your carefully selected team of experts you will be meeting with a professional who strives to understand you, not just your condition.

We have a great deal of empathy for the challenges our international patients face when relocating to the Netherlands. Not only is it difficult to navigate health care solutions in a foreign language but where do you turn when faced with an emergency or difficult diagnosis far from home? At MMC we feel we are especially equipped to support you by addressing the unique circumstances of your situation; working together to develop strategies of care and to help you cope in a way that’s right for you.

Patient Centered Care
Patient Centered Care is our goal. For us here at MMC we have seen the power that this focus can bring, and we are working every day to realize this in each of our departments. We strive to create partnership with our patients and the departments that serve you. We also strive to collaborate across departments and if need be working together with specialists from around the Netherlands to create treatment options that truly address your needs.

Máxima MC offers a broad range of specialities to meet your needs. Here on our website you can find information on a select number of our departments in English and we are working to provide more materials to our English speaking patients in the future.

Our locations
Maxima MC is situated over two campuses- MMC Eindhoven and MMC Veldhoven. Maxima MC Eindhoven is the location for many outpatient clinics, planned care, and our outpatient care center. Maxima MC Veldhoven hosts acute care, critical care, child and neonatal intensive care, intensive care, outpatient clinics, and our acclaimed Woman, Mother & Child Center, as well as accident and emergency services.

We have found using a unique approach to infrastructure that we can divide our specialties. This allows us to serve populations faster and with far less emergency conflicts. Your time is important too- and we know any reduction of stress for our patients is an aid to the healing process.

Ineke Obbema is speaker at the 2022 edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference, part of the Agrifood Innovation Event.

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