Press release: Cakewalk3d will democratize culinary 3D printing


Press release Paris, October 29, 2020

Cakewalk3d will democratize culinary 3D printing

Kickstarter order deliveries start on December 2020!

Cakewalk3Dds ambition is simple: to invent a new taste experience through 3D printing. The founder of Cakewalk3d, Marine Coré-Baillais, former director of Sculpteo, launches a Kickstarter campaign to allow owners of 3D printers to print their food at home. At the end of the fundraising campaign, they will receive a complete extruder that converts conventional 3D printers, as well as equipment and preparations. With Cakewalk3d, it’s time for cake designers. The Kickstarter campaign is launched on October 29, 2020, with deliveries starting in December 2020.

Cakewalk3d aim a double target by launching its kickstarter. On the one hand, the startup wants to democratize culinary 3D printing, a technology formerly reserved to technophiles and professionals who used expensive machines. On the other hand, Cakewalk3d wants to give new life to millions of personal 3D printers (1.4 million 3D printers sold in 2019 worldwide), by making it possible to 3D print edible products with machines that were designed for making of plastic objects. This kickstarter allows people to acquire, at low cost, tools that comply with food standards, to make endless creations.

A new way to cook

The ambition of Cakewalk3d is to accelerate the activity of cake designers. Indeed, the creation of 3D flavors allows to make sweet, salty and even vegan sweet preparations. About a hundred 3d models already exist on the Cakewalk3d  library. Beyond a unique experience, Cakewalk3d  completely reinvents the kitchen and the way of consuming, with the ambition to create a real community of cake designers who will share their uses of the 3d printer. With Cakewalk3d, users will be able to invent new flavors and experiences in the mouth thanks to an increasingly sophisticated technology.

Ease of us for all consumers

The great advantage of Cakewalk3d is that it is not necessary to purchase new software to run it on your 3D printer. Indeed, the tool already works with the slicers on the market, software used on almost all consumer 3D printers. In the same way, Cakewalk3d  adapts to what already exists: it is not necessary to buy a 3D printer specifically dedicated to culinary printing. Indeed, the startup offers an extruder, which can be used directly on the 3d printers. To do so, it is necessary to 3d print support parts, whose CAD files are provided free of charge.

In order to provide a secure environment for 3D food printing, the extruder is supplied with a food silicone mat and sachets of preparations to be tested as soon as it is installed.

A Kickstarter in order to democratize culinary 3d printing

4 different sets are available depending on the makers and their needs:

  • The core extruder is sold at 49€;
  • The complete kit (extruder, motor parts) is sold at 89€ ;
  • The ready-to-use kit (extruder, motor parts, 3d printed support parts) is sold at 129€;
  • The whole kit, already installed on a 3d printer, is sold at 459€.
  • Kickstarter campaign will be launched on October 29th, 2020.

Marine Coré-Baillais, founder of Cakewalk3d: « 3D printing has multiple advantages and has become a weapon of resilience for our societies. Cakewalk3d shows a new way of consuming and creating. Moreover, a real community of cake designers may emerge, sharing and innovating even more in the culinary field, where amateurs and professionals can exchange. Finally, Cakewalk3d highlights a different way of consuming, where new flavours can be invented from a basic material. It’s revolutionary. »

About Cakewalk3d  and The Digital  Patisserie

Cakewalk3d and the Digital Patisserie was created in 2018 by Marine Coré-Baillais, formerly Deputy CEO of the 3D printing leader Sculpteo. Cakewalk3d federates engineers in chemistry, mechanics, software and designers around the project. Marine has been working for 9 years to develop the uses of 3D printing in the world and is recognized for its expertise. She obtained a Pastry chef degree in June 2019 and aims to invent new textures for new sweet pleasures. With their expertise in 3D printing, the ambition is to also provide tools for all users of 3D food printers.

To download Cakewalk3d media kit, click here

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