Press releases 2018

Press release Apr 5

PatentMatch: dé plaats waar vraag en aanbod van uitvindingen bij elkaar komen

Eén grote ontmoetingsplaats waar innovators en uitvinders in contact komen met deskundigen die hun concepten een stap verder kunnen brengen richting realisatie: dat is waar het tijdens dit nieuwe evenement om draait. Dit alles om meer succes te boeken bij de realisatie van innovatieve concepten en daarmee verspilling van tijd, energie en geld tegen te gaan.Complete press release? Complete press release? Download the .pdf file in Dutch: Press Release – PatentMatch 2018

Press release Mar 15

Global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference – North Carolina Global TransPark, USA

On March 20, 2018, the global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference will take place at North Carolina Global TransPark, USA. This 6th edition of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference organized by Jakajima will be hosted by North Carolina Global TransPark and supported by US Cargo Systems.

The Conference aims to bring together manufacturers, operators, knowledge institutes, consultants and government organizations active in the upcoming field of unmanned cargo aircraft to share the status of the latest developments and trends in the field.

Large Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) are gaining grounds. A recent report of Aerospace Industries Association shows that large unmanned aircraft systems could bring explosive growth to US in the near future. Fast-growing start-ups active in the field, such as LUCA Air, Elroy Air, Sabrewing Aircraft, Dronamics, Romaeris & more will be present at the conference to discuss this topic from their own perspective. Download the .pdf file in English: Press Release – Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference 2018

Press release Jan 31

Voice of IoT – DECT and ULE Technology Summit 2018 – Voice adoption, combined with DECT & ULE technology, drivers of new market verticals

AMSTERDAM – Feb 07 – 08, 2018, B. Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance organize “Voice of IoT – DECT and ULE Technology Summit”. This two-day event includes a conference on the first day and F2F Working Group meetings and General Assemblies on the second day.

The conference will address recent business and technology developments in both DECT and ULE globally, and will give insights into the possibilities for service providers, product vendors, design house, soft- and hardware manufacturers how they can benefit from the technology capabilities to enable new market opportunities.

Complete press release? Download the .pdf file in English: Press Release – Voice of IoT – DECT and ULE Technology Summit 2018

Press release Jan 25

3D Medical Printing Conference & Health Tech Event – 3D Printing, Robotics & Internet of Things are transforming the world of healthcare

Maastricht – During Jan 30-31, 2018, MECC Maastricht will host a two-day event focused on the latest technological innovations in medicine: 3D printing, robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. The event will include two conferences – 3D Medical Printing Conference and Health Tech Event and an expo with innovative companies involved in the chain of Bio-, Medical-, Dental- and Medicine 3D printing. The conferences are not only academic, but innovative events bringing together brilliant minds and discoveries. The 3D Medical Conference is accredited by the Dutch Association for Technical Medicine (NVTG) for 6 points per day and therefore guarantees high quality and professional (medical) visitors.
Complete press release? Download the .pdf file in English: Press Release – 3D Medical Printing Conference & Health Tech Event 2018

Press release Jan 18

3D Printing Electronics – The Uber of Consumer Electronic Product Manufacturing

Eindhoven – On January 23, 2018, internationally renowned specialists will gather at High Tech Campus Eindhoven to discuss the latest technological developments in 3D Printing Electronics.
The program features 10 internationally renowned speakers from SABIC, Buzz Technology, PwC, TNO, CEA-LETI, Fundacio Eurecat, Neotech, adphos, University of Hamburg and Jiangnan University, who will share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics related to 3D Printing Electronics.
Complete press release? Download the .pdf file in English: Press Release – 3D Printing Electronics Conference 2018