Press release December 08

Taking internet projects and ideas to the next level – An Internet of People, not Things

Eindhoven – On December 15, internationally renowned speakers and IoT enthusiasts will gather in Eindhoven to debate the way our increasingly digitized society develops in the context of the entirely new Internet emerging.

It will not be an Internet of Things Event, but an Internet of People Event, in which the citizen/individual is the key.

In the morning, Valerie Frissen from SIDNfonds will talk about how an internet of people is more than an internet of living things, while Julian Ranger from will tackle on solving today’s personal data issues. Maarten Louman, Qiy Foundation, will challenge you to imagine that you would design the internet today, while Leo de Penning from Illuminoo will explain how Reflective Intelligence allows humans and machines to learn and develop together.

After lunch, Remco Magielse, Philips Lighting, will reveal how smart lighting technologies open up a complete new space for people to interweave lighting in their daily rituals. You will also find out how physical learning can be connected with the digital world by the help of Solly, the sun-eating robot.

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Press release December 01

Hospital-Based HTA | Robotics & Photonics for Healthcare – Future-ready health technological developments

On December 08, brilliant minds will gather in Eindhoven to discuss future-ready health tech developments during the 6th edition of the Health Tech Event.

Over 20 speakers will provide gripping insights into the 3 main focus topics of the conference:

  • Hospital – Based Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Robotics in Cure and Care
  • Using Photonics in Healthcare

Ellen Willemse from The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) will open the conference with a talk on health related tech developments translated into short scenarios of the not-too-near future.

After that, Amit Kumar Pandey from SoftBank Robotics will speak about robots from a societal perspective, highlighting some research directions and results towards achieving social humanoid robot companions, while Paul De Raeve from the European Federation of Nurses Associations will explain why nurses love robots.

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Press release November 01

Real essentials for a boundless future: Sensor networks for Smart Industry, Smart Logistics and Smart Infrastructure

Sensor networks for smart industry, smart logistics and smart infrastructure are getting more and more essential. Real time information from ‘the real world’ to support decision making and control of vital processes will be an integral part of business processes. With Industrial internet, Machine to Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (ioT) traditional boundaries disappear.

On November 15, brilliant minds and internationally renowned specialists will gather at High Tech Campus to talk about the real essentials for our boundless future.

Evelien Bras, Thales, will open the conference with a presentation about the results of the fieldlab, called ‘The Garden’, with regard to smart industry. The field lab initiates projects around the digital transformation of their supply chain, making it in Bras’ words “an ecosystem of manufacturers.”

After that, Rob Jansen from TNO will explain how to make sensors smaller and faster, while Marcus Kirsch from ResonanceDesign will talk about design and design-thinking in the age of the connector.

After lunch, special parallel sessions dedicated to Smart Industry, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Logistics will bring together speakers from Green IT Amsterdam, Semiotic Labs, Beanair, Senseye, Royal HaskoningDHV, Ahrma, Beltech, Berenschot, Chess Wise, Kubrickology, Flanders Make, IJssel Technologie and LSEC-Leaders In Security.

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Press release September 29

Innovation leads to better sports performance – An invitation for the media to discover how, at Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid – Universidad Europea

The sports industry is a multi-billion euro sector that continues expanding at accelerated pace. In order for this growth to maintain sustainable, innovation is needed.

That is why, on November 24, internationally renowned industry specialists will gather at Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid – Universidad Europea to touch on the innovations leading to better sports performance.

The Sports Innovation Conference is an event that includes a conference, featuring well-known speakers, who will share their experience and vision with the audience, and a lively exhibition. Furthermore, the attendees will also be able to join a networking dinner, which will take place the evening before the conference, on November 23, at Real Café Bernabéu, inside the Real Madrid stadium.

The conference topics will focus on two main angles: Technological innovation in Sport (Wearables/ Innovative materials/ Big Data/ Specific technology) and Sports Innovation in Business (Data/Media use in sport/ Funding/Crowdfunding/ Sports marketing).

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Press release September 20

Join the 3D Medical Expo & 4 related 3D Printing Medical Conferences on Jan 31-Feb 01, 2017, at MECC Maastricht

3D Printing of medical devices is reshaping manufacturing technology and medicine altogether. With 3D printing surgical guides, surgeons are finally able to create and hold in their hands a replica of a patient’s heart, brain, skull or any organ or body part in need of operation. It’s an amazing tool to help doctors prepare for complex procedures.

On Jan 31- Feb 01, 2017, at MECC Maastricht, European and global companies from the entire 3D Medical supply chain with customers, end-users, developers and researchers will gather for a two-day event that will bring forward the latest developments in 3D medical printing.

The event is shaped and delivered in close collaboration with industry stakeholders and will include a two-day exhibition and four conferences:

  • 3D Medical Expo – With over 1000 exhibitor visitors and over 400 conference attendees, 3D Medical Expo is a unique live platform with a focus on innovative companies in Scanning/Imaging, 3D Printing and (bio) Materials.
  • 3D BioPrinting Conference – The conference focuses on 3D bioprinting, the most disruptive application of 3D printing in the medical world, and latest developments and applications in the field.
  • 3D Dental Printing Conference – The discussions will tackle 3D printers, research on 3D Dental printing, customization of dental products, scanners and scanning tools, specialized 3D printing services for medical/dental markets, materials.
  • 3D MedTech Printing Conference – The topics focus on 3D Printing technologies for MedTech, Developments in medical 3D Printing, 3D software, 3D scanning, New materials.
  • 3D Medicine & Pharmaceuticals Printing Conference – The conference will approach the following areas: Research & Development in 3D Medicine / Drug Printing, New materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Changing value chains in the Pharmaceutical industry, 3D Dental/Oral Scanning, 3D Software tools, Pharmacy of the future, The Changing role of the Doctor, Ethical /legal issues, Printing your own drugs (DIY).

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Press release September 15

An invite for the media to discover the next industrial revolution, on 27th September 2016

Business Developments for Integrated Photonics – The Shifting from Academics to Business

On Tuesday September 27, the 2nd edition of the Photonic Integration Conference will take place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

At this year’s conference, global photonics experts will gather to discuss business developments for integrated photonics, the shifting from academics to business (and, accordingly, the shift in market demand).

In the morning, Ronan Burgess, Deputy Head of the Photonics Unit, European Commission will touch on the potential of photonics in boosting the competitiveness of European industry, while also giving an overview of Photonics in Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Ewit Roos, Managing Director, PhotonDelta will outline extensive plans to assist photonics companies and related supply chains accelerate their time to market. He will explain why the new PhotonDelta cooperative is offering early access to IP as well as organising deep-dive strategy workshops to construct long-term technology roadmaps.

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Press release July 26

European Conference on Integrated Optics is transitioning to an annual event

Eindhoven – The European Conference on Integrated Optics has now reached its 19th edition. Innovation and industry uptake is accelerating, and to capture this increasing pace, we are now transitioning to an annual event.

In 2017 we return to Eindhoven at the Science Park of the Technical University of Eindhoven. We will retain the same clear focus on leading edge research, providing a forum for experts from industry and academia to share the latest new thinking and exchange new insights and findings in the fields of integrated optics, optoelectronics and nanophotonics.

The conference scope extends from new enabling materials to the design and modelling of photonic structures, functions, devices and circuits. We also capture innovations in hybrid integration, system-on-chip and system-in-package integration.

Application areas range from optical tele- and data communications; optical interconnects, switching and storage; data and information processing, including integrated quantum circuits; and optical monitoring and sensing, including mid-IR photonics.

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Press release June 02

Internet of Things Event – Internet of Things is more than a hype

Eindhoven – On June 7-8, 2016, the 5th edition of the Internet of Things Event will take place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

The two-day event will give insights in essential topics like security, business models, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, Big data applications and IoT legal and tax issues. It will include a conference, workshops and an exhibition.

The conference will feature internationally renowned speakers from IBM, Ericsson, Space 10/Ikea, SAP, Philips Innovation labs, Fontys FutureMediaLab, ARM, Altran, AT&T, Eindhoven University of Technology, University Racing Eindhoven, European Photonics Industry Consortium and many more.

Parallel to the conference, workshops will be held on “Innovation & Ideation for Internet of Things success” (by Business Innovation by Design), “Develop your own IoT scenario in just 90 minutes on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)!” (by SAP) and more.

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Press release May 19

Health Tech Event – The Value Chain of Photonic Sensors Used in Life Science Applications

Tyndall –  On May 25-26, Tyndall National Institute will hold EPIC’s HealthTech Event focused on Photonic Systems for Life Sciences Applications.

This two-day event will bring together the value chain of photonic sensors used in life science applications, as in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

The spotlight will be first given to the end users reporting the unmet needs, following by system integrators translating those needs into the requirements.

Consequently, the stage will be occupied by the sensor manufacturers, and ultimately the components manufacturers and fabrication facilities.

Internationally renowned speakers from Sanmina, Tyndall National Institute, Tematys, Cambridge Consultants, VTT Technical Research Centre, Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie, Avantes, XiO Photonics, ITEAM-UPV, Linkra, nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies, Ocean Optics, TU Delft, ImPhys,  Superlum Diodes, CST, NTK Photonics, Lumerical, CEA – Leti, Multiphoton Optics and Oplatek Group will share their views and knowledge on the topics of interest.

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Press release May 19

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, May 26 – Unmanned cargo is all about the logistic value chain

Enschede – On May 26, 2016, the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference will take place at Twente Safety Campus in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Nowadays, thousands of Unmanned aerial vehicles are in use worldwide. One fast growing application is in transportation / logistics: Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA).

It is clear that UCA can be cheaper and more productive than other means of transport, and are suitable for low-volume cargo streams for which the use of manned aircraft is uneconomical. But which developments can we expect in the near future? Which markets could benefit from UCA? What should a UCA look like? And will aircraft manufacturers invest in UCA technology?

The third international edition of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference will bring specialists from all over the world together to assess the potential of UCA and discuss these questions. Professionals in logistics, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, system developers and airlines will be present at the conference.

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Press release April 21

3D Design & Engineering Conference – What each designer should know about 3D Printing

Eindhoven – Product developers and designers have been educated with production methods such as milling and drilling, and have been taught to take mass production as a starting point to arrive at a good product.

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing means this thinking has been turned on its head.  This technology allows more complex designs that cannot be produced with ‘traditional’ production methods.

Originally, 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing was used to make prototypes, but now this technology is increasingly being used to make real products.

However, this requires a different design method. Although a far larger range of designs is possible with 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, the product developer/ designer now has to take other variables into account.

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Press release April 05

Footwear Health Tech Conference & Future Footwear Materials Conference

Waalwijk – On April 19-20, 2016, SLEM Waalwijk will host two footwear dedicated conferences, The Footwear Health Tech Conference & The Future Footwear Materials Conference.

On April 19, SLEM’s Footwear Health Tech Conference will be focusing on wearable technology and its implementations in footwear. Experts from SLEM Institute, Gait UP, Axon Lawyers, Mighty Styley, iShüu Technologies and Fontys University of Allied Health Professions will touch on new ways of monitoring and improving health, motion sensors, smart insoles, and interactive footwear to name but a few subjects. It will be an inspiring day of innovation for footwear professionals, orthopedic shoemakers, podiatrists, health insurance companies and investors.

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Press release March 10th

The Future of 3D Food Printing for Professionals and Consumers – International 3D Food Printing Conference in Venlo, The Netherlands

Venlo – On April 12th, 2016, the 2nd edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference will take place at Villa Flora in Venlo, The Netherlands.
The conference will cover a variety of topics related to 3D food printing such as food components, business models & legal issues, hardware & software developments, applications for elderly and the health care industry, new value chains, safety – f.i. HACCP, food processing & design and custom nutrition.
Internationally renowned speakers from Wageningen University, TNO, University of Nottingham, Black Dog Consulting, 3dchef, Sardegna Ricerche, Print2Taste GmbH, Print Cheese, University of Applied Science in Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and BIOSYST-MeBioS, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, will share their views and knowledge on the topics of interest.

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Press release February 16th

Real Madrid, Mobilab and wackitball

International congress on sports innovation in Turnhout, Belgium

What do Real Madrid, Mobilab, and wackitball have in common? Find out on the 8th of March on the Turnhout campus of the Thomas More College during the first international congress on sports innovation, organised by Thomas More College and Jakajima, Matchmaker for Innovators.

The sports industry is a gigantic economic sector. High technology is developing at great speed not only when it comes to top-level sports, but also to applications for leisure sports: super-scientific training methods, ultra-light bikes, fitness apps, wearables, sport drinks, and food supplements … But sport is also a perfect medium for social innovation. Sport doesn’t only push for the limits of the human body, but also for those of human reason. Sport acquires new economic and social dimensions thanks to the use of ‘big data’, social media, crowdfunding, etc., in sports marketing and related sectors, such as sports tourism.

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Press release January 19th

An Invitation for the Media to Find out How 3D Printing Is Changing Healthcare

First global event with focus on healthcare related 3D printing: 5 focused conferences and a two-day exhibition

Maastricht – On January 26th and 27th, 2016, MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands, will host an international two-day event that includes a two-day exhibition and five conferences focused on 3D printing and related medical technology.

On January 26, the 3D Bioprinting Conference and the 3D Dental Printing Conference will take place.

Complete press release? Download the .pdf file: Press Release – 3D Medical Expo.

Press release January 12th

An Invitation for the Media to Find out Why Interest in 3D Printing Electronics Is Growing so Fast

Eindhoven – On January 19th, 2016, the 3D Printing Electronics Conference will take place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The conference will focus on aspects related to 3D Printing Electronics, including combining functional elements such as electronics (sensors or switches) into a 3D printed product, processes that integrate electronics onto or within 3D printed parts, challenges and future prospects.

This year’s conference includes insights from Germany’s Nanotech AMT, whose expertise includes moulded Interconnect Devices, high efficiency printed mobile phone antennas, or the creation of heater patterns on materials such as PC for automotive applications. TNO will explain how integrating electronics into loadbearing or protective structures, means “dumb” plastic parts can be made smart. Different techniques like thermoforming and inmold will be explained.

Other presentations include Dr. Shoufeng Yang (University of Southampton), Marcel Grooten (DoMicro BV), Simon Leigh (University of Warwick) and Gaël DEPRES from French startup Arjowiggins Creative Papers.

Complete press release? Download the .pdf file: Press Release – 3D Printing Electronics Conference .