Press release: International Li-Fi Conference about light technology as future language of communication

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Eindhoven – Jakajima, the global High Tech Conference organizer, and Light Communications Alliance announce the 2nd edition of the ONLINE Li-Fi Conference with renown speakers from all over the world. The Conference will take place on June 24, 2021.

Li-Fi is a wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. It does not compete with other existing technologies, but is meant to accompany, alongside 5G, Fiber & Wi-Fi, the exponential data consumption and the society’s growing needs for connectivity. The conference will tackle challenges of market development, the Li-Fi ecosystem and real-life applications (retail, aerospace, automotive, office, industry, homes).

In the first part of the conference, Nikola Serafimovski, Co-Chairman of Light Communications Alliance and Musa Unmehopa, Head of Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances for LiFi at Signify will share their views on Li-Fi and the Li-Fi ecosystem.

After that, Livia Rosu from HomeGrid Forum will talk about backbone and ecosystem support for Li-Fi use cases, while Nikola Serafimovski from pureLiFi will speak about taking Li-Fi mainstream.

Later on, Daniel Behnke from Weidmüller Deutschland will share Li-Fi use cases and demonstration scenarios for Smart Manufacturing while Benjamin Azoulay from OLEDCOMM, will talk about Li-Fi for educational applications.

Furthermore, Deepak Solanki from Velmenni R&D will address the light communication role in the 5G infrastructure planning and will present a case-study on real-time deployment in a 5G test-bed while Micheline Perrufel and Sylvain Leroux from Orange will talk about Li-Fi at the heart of future intelligent communications networks.

Subsequently, Maximilian Riegel from Nokia will show where common Wi-Fi interworking models for the integration with 5G core and services fall short in fully leveraging Li-Fi capabilities and what steps have to be taken in development and standardization to overcome the shortcomings in the current approaches.

Lastly, René Vroom from Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands will present the regulator’s perspective on Li-Fi. “Todays RF spectrum is crowded with users”, he says. “Li-Fi might become a new comfort in telecom to ease the pressure on spectrum, and become a new complimentary mechanism in high capacity internet access. Global standardisation and economy of scale shall help Li-Fi to integrate in existing broadband ecosystem”.

The complete program includes live presentations from researchers, executives and industry specialists from pureLiFi, Nokia, Signify, Orange, Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands, Velmenni, OLEDCOMM, HomeGrid Forum and Weidmüller Deutschland.

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About LCA

The Light Communications Alliance (LCA) is an open, non-profit association of member organizations who aim to promote Light Communications technology. Founded in 2019, the LCA brings together global, innovative leaders across the communications, lighting, infrastructure and device manufacturing industries. The LCA mission is to drive a consistent, focused and concise approach to market education that will highlight the benefits, use cases and timelines for Light Communications.

The LCA active membership is comprised of executives from BKS, CEA Leti, Crantec, Getac, EITC, Institut Mines-Telecom, Liberty Global, Lucibel, Nav Wireless Technologies, Nokia, Oledcomm, Orange, pureLiFi, QR Crypto, Signify, University of Strathclyde, Velmenni, and Zero.1.

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