Press release: 3D Printing in Aviation and Aerospace: Stop drilling holes, just build them!

Eindhoven – Nowadays 3D Printing is more and more present in the aerospace/aviation industry. Not only OEMs and suppliers are applying 3D Printing, but also airlines are seeing the potential and are investing in 3D printing capabilities within their own facilities.

On June 8, 2021, the Online Aerospace 3D Printing Conference will tackle the current applications, proof of concept, challenges & future prospects and opportunities of 3D printing in the aviation industry.

In the first part of the conference, Marc de Smit from Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) will talk about Laser Based Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF), an Additive Manufacturing process that enhances the manufacturing of light-weight components for aerospace applications.

After that, Ina Ludwig, from Fraunhofer IAPT will give an insight into innovative materials and bionic design for metal components made by additive manufacturing, while Alejandro Carcel Lopez from nTopology will explain how new software makes it much easier and much more accessible to design aerospace components for additive manufacturing.

Later on, Paolo Calza from Avio Aero will provide an overview about Additive Manufacturing journey in the Aeroengine Business, a new technology transforming the way the engine manufacturers run their businesses and holds the potential to change global industrial production across many adjacent sectors.

Furthermore, Fedor Antonov, CEO, Anisoprint, will speak about 3d printing composites for aerospace, while Harry Kleijnen from Additive Industries will tackle the latest insights on quality control foundation and strategy of metal-AM based processes for aerospace applications.

The complete program includes live presentations from researchers, executives and industry specialists from Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), Fraunhofer IAPT, MTC – Manufacturing Technology Centre, nTopology, Avio Aero, Anisoprint and Additive Industries.

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