Press release: 3D Printing Automotive Conference in Helmond, The Netherlands

3D Printing automotive conference

Automotive 3D Printing Conference takes place on June 05, 2019, in Helmond, The Netherlands. The conferences focuses on various aspects of 3D printing applications in the automotive industry, such as prototyping, production, electronics, spare parts, customisation – issues, solutions, developments & more.

The conference is aimed at offering automotive professionals the chance to learn about and to look at challenges / opportunities from different perspectives using 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing in their professional use.

Speakers from Automotive Campus, Linde Gas Benelux, Materialise, Hewlett Packard, TWIKIT, CEAD Group, AITIIP Technology Centre, Holst Centre, DyeMansion and PartsOnDemand Industrial 3D-Printing will be there to share their views and experience. Among the presentation titles, we mention: Influence of industrial gas in AM; Printed electronics for automotive applications; New concepts for large parts Additive Manufacturing.

For more information about the event, we invite you to visit:

The event is organised by Jakajima and hosted by Automotive Campus. If you want more information or want to get a press ticket, please contact us via this form


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