Press release: 10th edition of Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference

The 10th edition of the Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference will take place on January 18, 2019, during Infratech 2019 and TUS Expo, at Rotterdam AHOY, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This edition will focus on sensor networks for smart industry and smart maintenance.

The complete program of the half-day conference features eight speakers in total and will include duo presentations supplier/customer.

The conference will be opened by Rob Jansen from TNO, who will talk about two types of structures, an offshore wind turbine and a bridge, where innovative sensors are installed. After that, Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President ARC Advisory Group, will speak about FIWARE, an open source platform that enables organizations to build their IoT solutions quickly and cheaply.

The duo presentations supplier/customer will tackle on aspects such as Augmented Reality as a key driver to put the huge volume of IoT-collected data into context, Practical IoT, Plant of the future (From Intelligent (IoT) Sensor to Plant Reliability) and more. Speakers from ENGIE Services West Industrie, Semiotic Labs, TNO, IJssel Technologie, Sitech Services, twnkls | augmented reality will share their views and experiences during this session.

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This conference is organised by Jakajima, in partnership with TUS Expo and InfraTech 2019.

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