Light Communication Alliance is industry partner of the conference

We welcome the Light Communication Alliance (LCA) as industry partner of the conference.

The Light Communication Alliance (LCA) is an open, non-profit association of member organizations who aim to promote Light Communications technology. Founded in 2019, the LCA brings together global, innovative leaders across the communications, lighting, infrastructure and device manufacturing industries.

December 2024, 5th edition

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The Light Communications Alliance mission is to drive a consistent, focused and concise approach to market education that will highlight the benefits, use cases and timelines for Light Communications.

The LCA active membership is comprised of executives from BKS, CEA Leti, Crantec, Getac, EITC, Institut Mines-Telecom, Liberty Global, Lucibel, Nav Wireless Technologies, Nokia, Oledcomm, Orange, pureLiFi, QR Crypto, Signify, University of Strathclyde, Velmenni, and Zero.1.

We want to help the world communicate by inspiring investment in light communication.

The Light Communication Alliance (LCA) build demand the only way possible, through industry collaboration.

We understand that advancing light communication requires a collaborative ecosystem approach. Only together can we research, develop and deploy viable technology.

We are a global alliance for the advancement of light communication. Together we will be the catalyst for light communication. Together we will improve how the world communicates.

Visit the website.

Light Communications Alliance will give a presentation at the 2022 edition of the conference.

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