Jakajima is partner of Female Tech Heroes

female tech heroes

Jakajima is partner of Female Tech Heroes, an initiative in the Brainport region dedicated to women working in technology. High Tech Campus Eindhoven: ‘We want to inspire women in tech, but also women who are curious about tech’.

We are welcoming members of the community as speakers and participants at our events. If you are a member of Female Tech Heroes and want to partner / take part in our events, we invite you to contact us.

If you would like to learn more about Female Tech Heroes and join the community, we invite you to visit the High Tech Campus Eindhoven website: https://www.hightechcampus.com/female-tech-heroes

Why Female Tech Heroes?
Organisers Ingelou Stol & Hilde de Vocht: ‘At present, the percentage of women working in tech worldwide is still relatively low. ‘We work in an environment heavily dominated by men, and we need more women. Diversity is the key to success.

‘Research shows that diverse teams perform better. Individuals from different genders, races, backgrounds and experiences bring different perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions. Having key women in senior leadership roles will positively encourage other females to join an organisation that is supportive of advancing women’s careers, thus increasing overall company growth and productivity.’

Almost 1500 women have already registered for the Female Tech Heroes Network, so that’s great. We need more women in tech, so register, invite your colleagues and friends and let’s make this happen! Read more